Who Were The Winners And Losers Of The 2017 NFL Draft on Day 1

We have a look at every pick of the 2017 NFL Draft (1st Round) and make our judgement on whether your team is a winner or loser with the pick they made.

There is a still a long way to go in this draft but below is our recap of the first round work by each team:

American Football

Round 1 Pick 1 – Cleveland Browns

Myles Garrett, Defensive End (Texas A&M)

I don’t think there was any doubt that Myles Garrett went No.1 overall. A great pick and a no-brainer.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 2 – Chicago Bears (traded up with San Francisco 49ers)

Mitchell Trubisky, Quarterback (North Carolina)

Wow. What a splash. Not too many would have been expecting this and frankly, it is quite a strange one, especially after contacting Mike Glennon to so much money.


Verdict: Loser


Round 1 Pick 3 – San Francisco 49ers (traded down with Chicago Bears)

Solomon Thomas, Defensive End (Stanford)

This was a great trade for the San Francisco 49ers and was a smart move. They made the trade and still got a great prospect, as well as some additional draft collateral.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 4 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Leonard Fournette, Running Back (LSU)

Arguably the best RB in this draft class and will be a new hard-running option to a roster with a lot of stars.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 5 – Tennessee Titans

Corey Davis, Wide Receiver (Western Michigan)

Tennessee did well last season will a core of receivers that, on paper, were average. A sound addition to the receiver depth chart.

Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 6 – New York Jets

Jamal Adams, Safety (LSU)

The Jets could have opted to pick a QB here but didn’t, and that was a smart move in our opinion.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 7 – Los Angeles Chargers

Mike Williams, Wide Receiver (Clemson)

Expected to be the first WR off the board, Mike Williams end up in LA with the Chargers. He does lack speed and ball security.


Verdict: Loser


Round 1 Pick 8 – Carolina Panthers

Christian McCaffrey, Running Back (Stanford)

We’ve watched McCaffrey for a couple of seasons and he makes College football look like Pee Wee. Really like this pick here.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 9 – Cincinnati Bengals

John Ross, Wide Receiver (Washington)

The fastest guy at the Combine but this just seems a bit too early in the draft to be taking Ross. Could be useful on Punt Returns though.


Verdict: Loser


Round 1 Pick 10 – Kansas City Chiefs (traded up with Buffalo Bills)

Patrick Mahomes, Quarterback (Texas Tech)

Did Kansas City NEED a Quarterback? Did they NEED to trade up to get one? We’re not sure.


Verdict: Loser


Round 1 Pick 11 – New Orleans Saints

Marshon Lattimore, Cornerback (Ohio State)

Has athleticism, size and technique – a very sturdy choice. Surprising he was available at pick 11.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 12 – Houston Texans (traded up with the Cleveland Browns)

Deshaun Watson, Quarterback (Clemson)

A team that really need a Quarterback and have a player that can start straight away with decent players around him.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 13 – Arizona Cardinals

Haason Reddick, Linebacker (Temple)

Reddick is a smart athlete and has great instincts. During the Combine, he serious improved his draft stock and has definitely upgraded the Cardinals’ defense.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 14 – Philadelphia Eagles

Derek Barnett, Defensive End (Tennessee)

With the Draft being in Philly, they could have quite easily slipped into making a decision that would have wowed the fans but they didn’t. Instead they made a smart franchise pick.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 15 – Indianapolis Colts

Malik Hooker, Safety (Ohio State)

The Colts defense did its worst to intercept any throws last year and the addition of Malik Hooker should improve those numbers.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 16 – Baltimore Ravens

Marlon Humphrey, Cornerback (Alabama)

A solid player was picked here by the Ravens. It was a bit of a surprise that they passed on so many other great defensive instruments but we like the pick.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 17 – Washington Redskins

Jonathan Allen, Defensive End (Alabama)

The only real concerns Washington should be worried about is injuries, but other than that, they should feel like they’ve got a steal by picking Allen at 17!!


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 18 – Tennessee Titans

Adoree’ Jackson, Cornerback (USC)

We think Adoree’ Jackson will be mainly used on punt returns initially because he has a lot to learn as an NFL cornerback.


Verdict: Loser


Round 1 Pick 19 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

O.J. Howard, Tight End (Alabama)

The first Tight End off the board in what looks to be one of, if not the, strongest TE draft class. He can catch and block, so Tampa Bay use their pick well.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 20 – Denver Broncos

Garett Bolles, Tackle (Utah)

He has A LOT to learn. Bolles is very raw but could be a good player for the future. Just too much for him to get right just at the moment.


Verdict: Loser


Round 1 Pick 21 – Detroit Lions

Jarrad Davies, Linebacker (Florida)

Another player with injury concerns, Davies spent a large part of last season on the medical table. Very good when fit though.


Verdict: Loser


Round 1 Pick 22 – Miami Dolphins

Charles Harris, Defensive End (Missouri)

The Dolphins needed help at DE and they got it. A compliment to Cameron Wake, and perhaps a future replacement?


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 23 – New York Giants

Evan Engram, Tight End (Ole Miss)

Likened to Jordan Reed, Engram looks comfortable on the big stage and can catch and block. If Eli uses all of his assets to his advantage, Evan could get a few looks in 2017.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 24 – Oakland Raiders

Gareon Conley, Cornerback (Ohio State)

Lots of questions surround accusation of sexual assault, but if these are untrue then Oakland have got a steal by picking Conley here at 24.

Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 25 – Cleveland Browns (traded down with the Houston Texans)

Jabrill Peppers, Safety (Michigan)

Athletic and versatile, the Browns have traded down and got a unique player later in the draft.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 26 – Atlanta Falcons (traded up with the Seattle Seahawks)

Takkarist McKinley, Defensive End (UCLA)

The Falcons lost a 25-point lead (yes, that one) so getting players like McKinley can stop those types of things happening in the future.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 27 – Buffalo Bills (traded down with the Kansas City Chiefs)

Tre’Davious White, Cornerback (LSU)

A good enough player, we’re just applauding the Bills move in the draft by trading down with the Chiefs and still getting a player in a position they need help with.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 28 – Dallas Cowboys

Taco Charlton, Defensive End (Michigan)

Taco Charlton needs quite a bit of coaching in order to be a NFL-calibre player. Hopefully he will get that coaching in Dallas.


Verdict: Loser


Round 1 Pick 29 – Cleveland Browns (traded up with the Green Bay Packers)

David Njoku, Tight End (Miami)

We like the pick but not sure it was worth a trade up for. Nonetheless, Njoku could be a good prospect for a team that needs as many playmakers as they can get.


Verdict: Loser




Round 1 Pick 30 – Pittsburgh Steelers

T.J. Watt, Defensive End (Wisconsin)

If he’s anything like J.J. the Steelers can be happy with this pick. Thing is, he’s nothing like his brother in the way he plays but he is a pick that makes sense at 30.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 31 – San Francisco 49ers (traded up with the Seattle Seahawks)

Reuben Foster, Linebacker (Alabama)

Foster dropped A LOT in this year’s NFL draft for many reasons and it was probably fair that he did, but the San Francisco 49ers have a huge talent and did the right thing moving up in the draft to get their guy.


Verdict: Winner


Round 1 Pick 32 – New Orleans Saints

Ryan Ramczyk, Tackle (Wisconsin)

Ryan Ramczyk has a lot of potential but there are a number of reasons he wasn’t picked higher and perhaps the Saints could have used this pick better with some good football players left on the board.


Verdict: Loser

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