Which NFL Team Should You Support Based On Your Premier League Football Team?

As fans of both sports, football (soccer) and football (American), we thought it’d be a bit of fun to work out which NFL team you should root for, for the upcoming season, if you have a team that you support in the Premier League.

San Francisco 49ers Stadium

Which NFL Team should you support?


New England Patriots = Chelsea

Both champions. Both have the ability to be champions again for consecutive seasons. Both play in blue … lots of similarities.


Dallas Cowboys = Manchester United

Arguably the biggest franchise/club in their respective sports and their stadia would suggest something similar. Both have an impressive history and attract serious talent to their teams but fans have been let down at the final hurdle for a couple of years now – expect Man Utd in the Europa League. Very passionate fans for both teams but they need success at the highest level soon.


Minnesota Vikings / Green Bay Packers = Arsenal  

Both teams have an impressive stadium but fail to live up to the expectation of the fans. Neither team really has more than one world class player but is hopeful every year that they can go deep into the Playoffs or competition i.e. Champions League). These teams really needed the offseason to reset the batteries and to re-evaluate.


New York Giants = Liverpool

Every year their respective fans jump onto the Hype Train and, the majority of the time, end up being disappointed but both the New York Giants and Liverpool have a very rich history of winning things so it’s hard to argue with why people get excited. Could this season be ‘their’ season?


Pittsburgh Steelers / Washington Redskins = Manchester City

Flashy and explosive attacking options that have struggled to win any silverware over the last couple of seasons. For Pittsburgh and Manchester, fans will be hopeful of a successful season this time around, especially with a successful off-season and new additions.

Atlanta Falcons / Seattle Seahawks = Tottenham Hotspur  

Always the bridesmaid but never the bride. Both Atlanta and Tottenham have come so close to winning the title but just fell away at the last hurdle. The Atlanta Falcons were built on a high-powered offense and the Seahawks are structured with a lights-out defense – Tottenham boasts a combination of the two.


Detroit Lions / Tennessee Titans = Everton

Both teams always have a tendency to be a bit of an underdog and make it to the end part of the season having over-achieved. They also all wear blue and have some unsung heroes among their roster/squad!


Indianapolis Colts / Houston Texans = Southampton

Southampton have a real knack of finding talent and keeping them for a season, then passing them on for quite a bit of money. It does mean that fans can never really expect much each season. There are some similarities with the Colts and the Texans too, in that they have some very talented players on their rosters but either lose them to injury (Andrew Luck/JJ Watt) or just can’t get ‘enough’ talent around them to make the team get to the next level.


Oakland Raiders = Leicester City

Leicester City were the champions of the Premier League over a season ago and last year Oakland had every chance of going all the way. Oakland Raiders are very much built on a good offense and Leicester City won the title by playing counter-attacking football. There is a lot of likeness between Derek Carr and Jamie Vardy, and they have a lot of responsibility each year – Leicester will hope to keep hold of Vardy and the Raiders have penned Carr to a new contract.


Miami Dolphins = Newcastle United

Both teams have a good history but have struggled as of late, especially during the season before last. They can both be encouraged that they are on the up with a new man at the helm. They both attract good players because of their history and location but they need to show to other teams and the fans that they are making yearly improvements and deserve to be a challenger.


Los Angeles Rams / Los Angeles Chargers = West Ham United

The two Los Angeles teams and West Ham United have recently moved location/stadium and have the potential to improve but are currently struggling in their new surroundings. The new move should attract some new talent in the future but it could be another season of being average, or just below par.

NFL Stadium

Kansas City Chiefs / Denver Broncos = Stoke City

No one likes playing at any of these teams’ grounds and this makes them a tough opposition to play against. Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos are consistent each year which Stoke City can often lack, but Stoke do have the potential to take a step forward.


New Orleans Saints / Philadelphia Eagles = Watford

New Orleans are a high-powered team on offense and the Eagles try to be. Watford rely heavily on their attacking options but are often let down by their aggressive defence which is partial to a caution or two. None of these teams really do anything to impress their fans each year in terms of doing well in their respective leagues/divisions but are quite set in just ticking along.


Chicago Bears / Cleveland Browns / San Francisco 49ers / New York Jets = Crystal Palace

All of the teams mentioned in this scenario are in serious need of rebuilding and there is uncertainty about the upcoming season for all involved. This could be a season to forget or it could spark a revival. Unfortunately, we think the former.


Jacksonville Jaguars = Burnley / Bournemouth

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Bournemouth are likeable teams and seem to both be relatively new and upcoming squads. Burnley have been around the block for a bit now but all three teams have a bit of an underdog mentality. The only real big difference between the three is their spending budgets – Jacksonville love to splash the cash and Bournemouth and Burnley really can’t.


Arizona Cardinals / Carolina Panthers = Swansea City  

All three of these teams disappointed last year, especially when they did so well the year before. After a good offseason, each team (and their fans) will need to see some improvement. They have all made some changes around their franchises/squads and have freshened up their attacks, which is something they definitely needed.


Baltimore Ravens / Cincinnati Bengals = West Brom

Experience is key with these teams. West Brom are not known for having flair and youthful players to get excited about and neither do the Ravens or the Bengals – bar the Draft which helped both teams. A full stable season is what all of these teams need and we can see an improvement on last year for all three too.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers = Brighton and Hove Albion  

Each team is situated in a very nice part of their respective countries; near the sea. That’s not the only similarity though. They are both likeable teams with a couple of important players down the spine of the team that drive the franchise/club. Both teams will also be looking to start the new season, the way they finished the last one.


Buffalo Bills = Huddersfield Town

Huddersfield Town’s nickname is the Terriers, which is a bit like the way that the Buffalo Bills have played over the last few years, especially with how LeSean McCoy runs with the football. This coming season could be a struggle but at the same time they could be a surprise package.

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3 thoughts on “Which NFL Team Should You Support Based On Your Premier League Football Team?


    (July 4, 2017 - 9:39 am)

    So I’m now a Palace fan, apparently. Still, it’s better than having to follow the Jets or the Eagles (don’t mind the Saints)! 😜


      (July 4, 2017 - 12:03 pm)

      Thanks for reading and joining in. Of the teams in that category, we think you have the least to worry about but hopefully the same can be said for your new Premier League team 🙂

    Deek Graham

    (August 27, 2017 - 7:58 am)

    Man Utd most championships = Green Bay Packers most NFL titles, Dallas = Man City/ Chelsea all money no class

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