The History Of The Super Bowl & Every Team That Has Won It

The NFL has a long, rich history with a number of great talking points and the Super Bowl, the match that every team wants to win, has given us its fair share of unbelievable sporting moments.

From the first ever match in 1967, in which the Green Bay Packers won, through to the most recent game where the New England Patriots performed one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history, the Super Bowl has seen many different winners.

San Francisco 49ers Stadium

So, we have put together the list of Super Bowl winners from the history of the NFL so you can see just what history your team has in the competition as we approach the start of the 2017/18 season.

Here is the full list of Super Bowl winners from 1967 through to 2016:


Super Bowl: Winner: Score: Date: Place: Fact
I Green Bay Packers 35-10 15th January 1967 Los Angeles, California First championship game between winners of the NFL vs AFL.
II Green Bay Packers 33-14 14th January 1968 Miami, Florida First back-to-back winners.
III New York Jets 16-7 12th January 1969 Miami, Florida The first time the event was to be called a Super Bowl.
IV Kansas City Chiefs 23-7 11th January 1970 New Orleans, Louisiana Last Super Bowl before the NFL & AFL merged.
V Baltimore Colts 16-13 17th January 1971 Miami, Florida First Super Bowl NFC vs AFC.
VI Dallas Cowboys 24-3 16th January 1972 New Orleans, Louisiana Miami Dolphins only scored 3 points.
VII Miami Dolphins 14-7 14th January 1973 Los Angeles, California The Dolphins became the only team to complete a perfect season.
VIII Miami Dolphins 24-7 13th January 1974 Houston, Texas Bob Griese only completed 6 passes in the Dolphins win.
IX Pittsburgh Steelers 16-6 12th January 1975 New Orleans, Louisiana The first ever safety was recorded.
X Pittsburgh Steelers 21-17 18th January 1976 Miami, Florida Most Hall of Fame inductees on one team (9).
XI Oakland Raiders 32-14 9th January 1977 Pasadena, California Ken Staber became the first left-handed QB winner.
XII Dallas Cowboys 27-10 15th January 1978 New Orleans, Louisiana First Super Bowl after the extension to a 16-week season.
XIII Pittsburgh Steelers 35-31 21st January 1979 Miami, Florida Dubbed as black Sunday as the bookies in Vegas lost a lot of money.
XIV Pittsburgh Steelers 31-19 20th January 1980 Pasadena, California Highest attendance: 103,985
XV Oakland Raiders 27-10 25th January 1981 New Orleans, Louisiana Rod Martin gets 2 interceptions.
XVI San Francisco 49ers 26-21 24th January 1982 Pontiac, Michigan Ray Wersching kicked 4 field goals.
XVII Washington Redskins 27-17 30th January 1983 Pasadena, California John Riggins had a record 38 carries in the Super Bowl.
XVIII Los Angeles Raiders 38-9 22nd January 1984 Tampa, Florida Marcus Allan became the only person to win the Heisman, Super Bowl MVP and NFL MVP.
XIX San Francisco 49ers 38-16 20th January 1985 Stanford,


Ronald Regan, the president at that time, did the coin toss.
XX Chicago Bears 46-10 26th January 1986 New Orleans, Louisiana New England averaged a mere 2.27 yards per play.
XXI New York Giants 39-20 25th January 1987 Pasadena, California Phil Simms had an 88% pass completion rate.
XXII Washington Redskins 42-10 31st January 1988 San Diego, California Timmy Smith ran for 204 yards.
XXIII San Francisco 49ers 20-16 22nd January 1989 Miami Gardens, Florida Jerry Rice gains 215 yards.
XXIV San Francisco 49ers 55-10 28th January 1990 New Orleans, Louisiana Largest deficit: 45 points
XXV New York Giants 20-19 27th January 1991 Tampa, Florida First time a pop act played during the half time show.
XXVI Washington Redskins 37-24 26th January 1992 Minneapolis, Minnesota Mark Rypin became the first non-American to win the Super Bowl.
XXVII Dallas Cowboys 52-17 31st January 1993 Pasadena California The only Super Bowl to be moved.
XXVIII Dallas Cowboys 30-13 30th January 1994 Atlanta, Georgia The Bills 4th consecutive Super Bowl loss.
XXIX San Francisco 49ers 49-26 29th January 1995 Miami Gardens, Florida Steve Young throws 6 touchdown passes.
XXX Dallas Cowboys 27-17 28th January 1996 Tempe, Arizona The first time that the trophy was presented outside the locker room.
XXXI Green Bay Packers 35-21 26th January 1997 New Orleans, Louisiana Antonio Freeman had an 81-yard touchdown from Brett Favre.
XXXII Denver Broncos 31-24 25th January 1998 San Diego, California Terrell Davis ran for 3 touchdowns.
XXXIII Denver Broncos 34-19 31st January 1999 Miami Gardens, Florida Only 1 punt from both teams in the whole game.
XXXIV St Louis Rams 23-16 30th January 2000 Atlanta, Georgia Kurt Warner gained 414 yards.
XXXV Baltimore Ravens 34-7 28th January 2001 Tampa, Florida Record-high 21 punts in the game.
XXXVI New England Patriots 20-17 3rd February 2002 New Orleans, Louisiana Adam Vinatieri’s 48-yard field goal as time expired.
XXXVII Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48-21 26th January 2003 San Diego, California 2 interceptions were returned for a touchdown.
XXXVIII New England Patriots 32-29 1st February 2004 Houston, Texas It took 26 minutes and 55 seconds for the first points to be scored.
XXXIX New England Patriots 24-21 6th February 2005 Jacksonville, Florida The Patriots became only the 2nd team to win 3 super bowls in a 4-year span.
XL Pittsburgh Steelers 21-10 5th February 2006 Detroit, Michigan Willie Parker ran for a 75-yard touchdown.
XLI Indianapolis Colts 29-17 4th February 2007 Miami Gardens, Florida The opening kick-off was returned for a TD by Devin Hester.
XLII New York Giants 17-14 3rd February 2008 Glendale, Arizona David Tyree performed the famous helmet catch.
XLIII Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23 1st February 2009 Tampa, Florida James Harrison returns a 100-yard interception.
XLIV New Orleans Saints 31-17 7th February 2010 Miami Gardens, Florida Matt Stover is the oldest Super Bowl starter age 42.
XLV Green Bay Packers 31-25 6th February 2011 Arlington, Texas Brian Bulaga is the youngest ever starter at 21.
XLVI New York Giants 21-17 5th February 2012 Indianapolis, Indiana Tom Brady completed 16 consecutive passes.
XLVII Baltimore Ravens 34-31 3rd February 2013 New Orleans, Louisiana Jacoby Jones returns a kickoff for a 108-yard touchdown.
XLVIII Seattle Seahawks 43-8 2nd February 2014 East Rutherford, New Jersey Demaryius Thomas gets 13 receptions.
XLIX New England Patriots 28-24 1st February 2015 Glendale, Arizona Most watched TV show ever.
50 Denver Broncos 24-10 7th February 2016 Santa Clara, California The only Super Bowl not using Roman numerals.
LI New England Patriots 34-28 (OT) 5th February 2017 Houston, Texas First and only Super Bowl to go to overtime. One of the best comebacks of all-time.


A long list of winners and teams that continue to be at the forefront of the NFL. Will the Buffalo Bills ever get their chance again to try and finally win a Super Bowl? Will the New England Patriots make it to yet another Super Bowl? Is there a team that has never won it before that will get their opportunity to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy and put their names into the history books?

Only time will tell …


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