You’ll Never Guess Which Supermarket You Can Get NFL Clothing From?

We must admit that when we saw the news, we were a little shocked. But, it’s true; Sainsbury’s are stocking NFL Clothing in the build up to the new season.

Sainsburys Stock NFL Clothing
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Tu Clothing, Sainsbury’s clothing brand, has confirmed that they are stocking some NFL clothing in selected stores and online, and will expand the range if it is successful. There is only 11 Tshirts available so far and can be found online.

Although, with it being just eleven Tshirts to begin with that does mean your team probably isn’t part of the initial release. In fact, if you want to wear your teams colours, the teams that have their Tshirts in their store include:

  • LA Rams
  • Miami Dolphins
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Or all of the team logos on one tee (for the Neutral)


Whether people like the style of Tshirts or not, we will leave that up to you but if they sell well, they will stock more. If they don’t, they won’t. So, the future of NFL Clothing at Sainsbury’s is in your hands.

At just £14 per T-shirt, we’d say that that is a reasonable price to wear your team’s merchandise but we’d suggest keeping an eye on their range as it is likely to change and/or expand.


We would love to know your thoughts on the Tshirts and whether you’ll be buying one so please leave some feedback in the comments or send us a Tweet on Twitter (@IntoTheEndZone_).

Post Author: Thomas Stocks

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2 thoughts on “You’ll Never Guess Which Supermarket You Can Get NFL Clothing From?

    Paddi Cooper

    (August 8, 2017 - 1:10 pm)


    I work on the clothing team at Sainsbury’s and saw your post so wanted to share a bit more info. The 8 team tees available online are to represent the 8 teams coming over to the UK for the 2017 International Series, plus a series of NFL generic tees that launched in 130 Sainsbury’s stores from today. The initial collection is very much to see what the demand might be with a view for further ranges in the future, though we have bought a further range of team 8 tees coming in October, including the Patriots, Packers, Giants, Raiders, Cowboys, Dolphins (new style), Redskins and Bears.

    We’ve been pleasantly surprised at the initial reaction,with articles like this highlighting the range really helping it gain some early traction with fans so thanks for your post.

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to let me know either by email or on twitter @PaddiCooper. I am a big NFL fan and write for so have been picking up the posts about the range as being part of all the NFL groups on Facebook.



      (August 8, 2017 - 1:23 pm)

      Hi Paddi,

      Thank you for the extra info, that is really helpful to us and our readers. As fans of some of these teams that are stocked, it’s great for us to see more companies (especially large companies like Sainsbury’s) stocking NFL gear in the UK.

      If there is anything we can do to help grow the game over here and the selling of merchandise, we will try our best to do exactly that so it’s no problem for us writing about it – happy to re-feature it once the additional teams are out too. Just checked your website out and it looks really great!! We’ve also followed you on Twitter.

      Hope to keep in touch.


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