A Beginners Guide To The NFL – When Are NFL Games Played & Where Are They Shown On TV?

The 2017/18 season is finally upon us – real NFL football is back! 

That opening sentence alone is probably worth its own feature, but as that’s not our style, we will continue to help you learn about the NFL with our NFL Beginners Guide. In this feature we look at what NFL games are being played and when and/or where you might be able to watch them on TV.

NFL Crowd at International Series

When Are The NFL Games Shown On TV?

The NFL regular season fixtures normally include a Thursday Night Game (Friday morning for the UK), Monday Night Game (Tuesday morning UK time), with all of the rest being played on Sunday.

Thursday Night Games include the highly-rated colour rush uniforms. These uniforms take inspiration from current and historic uniforms and aim to provide a full colour head to toe look.

Where Can I Watch The NFL On TV?

Sky Sports is the main broadcaster for NFL content in the UK. This year it will be showing Red Zone on Sky sports mix from 6pm UK time and over 100 live games including two games every Sunday starting at 6pm on Sky Sports Action – a new channel. Sky Sports will also be covering the playoffs and Super bowl LII.  

The BBC this year will have live coverage of the Super Bowl and also the International Series (NFL games outside of the US) games between the Saints and Dolphins and Vikings vs Browns with highlights from the Ravens vs Jaguars and Cardinals vs Rams. The BBC will also feature two shows hosted by Mark Chapman the NFL Show, featuring analysis, action and fun (shown on either Friday or Saturday nights) and a weekly highlights show, NFL This Week starting September 12th at 11:45pm.

For all of the games that will be shown on live TV, Sky Sports regularly updates their listing here: http://www.skysports.com/watch/nfl-on-sky

Where Can I Watch The NFL If I Don’t Have Sky Sports?

An alternative option to the TV is GamePass, an online streaming service that provide you with different levels of coverage from every game from around the NFL live and on demand or just the games featuring your team. Game Pass also features Red Zone and NFL Network with a 24/7 live stream of the official channel of the NFL.

Now is the perfect time to get into American Football in the UK. With games being shown more frequently on TV and online than ever before and the International Series now featuring a record four games we are becoming spoiled for choice.



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