WEEK 10: NFL Game-By-Game Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 10 Picks 

Tough week to call last week! I think this week is the same but I’m hoping to keep our record better than double! So Zeke could now finally find himself suspended for atleast the next 4 games. How will this impact the Cowboys season as they aren’t exactly in the best of positions right now.

Below we move on to our week 10 predictions. Look out for them every weekend during the season to help you make your mind up on those dodgy looking matchups and for a few helpful stats to back it up.

Week 10 saw divisional rivals Seattle & Arizona go head to head in Thursday night football. Its also the bye week for the Eagles, Ravens, Chiefs and Raiders.

Neil is 81-40 in his season predictions. Follow him @neil_itez for more.

Let’s get on with the rest……..

Sunday 12/11/17 

6.00pm (BST) 

Bengals 17 @ 27 Titans

  • The Bengals look like they are just coasting along this season. Never the less, AJ Green  doesn’t like it and I think we saw huge amounts of frustration in his reaction on Sunday. How Evans gets suspended and Green doesn’t for throwing punches is beyond me. Anyway, as far as the football goes, home team to win this game comfortably. Titans have too much to play for!

Jets 24 @ 23 Bucs

  • The Bucs are in free fall at the moment and are really struggling, you would have thought they now get a fixture against the Jets at home so can get a W on the board but this Jets team have surprised everybody this year and with no Winston or Mike Evans, I see the Jets taking control.

Packers 16 @ 20 Bears

  • Talking of teams in free fall, the Packers are really struggling without A-Rod which highlights the importance of great quarterbacks within teams. It really does highlight why they are paid the most in this sport. The Bears will take advantage of this and get a win against their bitter rivals, in fact did you know that this fixture is the oldest rivalry in the NFL!

Saints 24 @ 27 Bills

  • This game is hard to call, on one hand there is the Saints who are flying this year and can outscore any team in the NFL. The other hand, the Bills are coming off a disappointing loss to the Jets but have been solid at home. You know me I go for the home team on these ones and I think the bills will play it physical and steal a close one.

Steelers 30 @ 17 Colts

  • Steelers coming off a bye week will be fresh and more dangerous. They always seem to do well against the colts, beating them the last 3 times and I don’t expect this to change. Business will be boomin.

Vikings 20 @ 23 Redskins

  • Another close one in my opinion. The Vikings are winning games with a backup QB and a backup RB. Why? Because they are a good team. The Redskins were a mess last week as a team but are full of talent…. when healthy of course. I think they bounce back after a week off.

Chargers 20 @ 17 Jags

  • Can the Chargers keep the ball rolling? Before the Patriots they managed to get a chain of wins together and now face a stout Jags Defence. It’s the Jags offence that worries me and I think a low scoring one that the Chargers win in the 2 minute drill.

Browns 10 @ 34 Lions

  • The Lions need this win in order to stay in contact at the top of the NFC North. What better than to play the winless Browns at home right?! You’d hope so….

9.05pm (BST)

Texans 13 @ 30 Rams

  • So who would have thought that the Rams this year were the highest scoring team in the league? Nobody…… but fair play to them, they really are playing well and should make the playoffs bar any setback. If anyone is thinking it but hasn’t said it yet, I will say it, I think the Texans season is over for this year.

9.25pm (BST) 

Giants 17 @ 20 49ers

  • 49ers get their first win on the board at home as they take advantage of a Giants team that just aren’t dangerous enough. It won’t be easy and it will be interesting to see how Jimmy gets on if he plays. I think it’s the spark they need to get their season kicked off.

Cowboys 24 @ 27 Falcons

  • matchup of the week this one. How will the Cowboys get on without Zeke? There is no question he is a quality back but a lot is to be said for that offensive line too. The Falcons need to bounce back too and quickly. They need their playmakers to start making plays, Julio Jones dropped a sitter in the end zone last week and he doesn’t seem to be having a good time at the moment. If the Falcons offence can start clicking, I think they snatch this high scoring game.

Monday 13/11/17

1.30am (BST)

Patriots 26 @ 16 Broncos

  • The Patriots keep doing what they do and will take advantage of another team in free fall mode. The Broncos started brightly but have fallen off of a cliff recently. The defence doesn’t look as strong as it once was and the offence….. isn’t one…. that’s he major thing here, they won’t take advantage of a vulnerable patriots secondary.

Tuesday 14/11/17 

1.30am (BST) 

Dolphins 6 @ 31 Panthers

  • The Panthers look strong at home and are playing solid playoff achieving football. They need to stay hot to keep Cam Newton focused and to keep Atlanta and New Orleans at Bay. The Dolphins are just coasting along, losing Jay Ajayi and putting your faith in Kenyan Drake…. that’s yet to be seen if the decision was a good one. I can’t see the Dophins creating much against this talented and well coached defence.

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