WEEK 11: NFL Game-By-Game Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 11 Picks 

Does anyone else feel that these 11 weeks have gone by far too quickly?! I mean it seems only yesterday that everyone was doubting the Eagles (including me), Doubting the Patriots and their secondary, praising the Bills as he next team to emerge as AFC East contenders. Either way I’m not ready for football to finish and thank the lord it doesn’t for atleast another 2 months!! Another difficult week this week but still managing to pick most of the results out. Looking at a healthy ratio coming into this week.

Below we move on to our week 11 predictions. Look out for them every weekend during the season to help you make your mind up on those dodgy looking matchups and for a few helpful stats to back it up.

Week 11 saw my team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, host the Titans in Thursday night football. Its also the bye week for the Jets, Panthers, Colts and 49ers. It also sees another game in Mexico City between the Patriots and the Raiders.

Neil is 89-45 in his season predictions. Follow him @neil_itez for more.

Let’s get on with the rest……..

Sunday 19/11/17 

6.00pm (BST) 

Chiefs 27 @ 10 Giants

  • Giants had a tough one last week. I could see the 49ers getting their first win and it had it written all over it. Now they face a Chiefs team, fresh off a bye and hungry to kick on from the good start they had. The Giants wish they could just start the season again and do so many things differently. The chiefs are starting their second half and need to start how they did the first half.

Ravens 23 @ 20 Packers

  • Interesting. How will the Ravens be and have they fixed their issues? It’s hard to bet against the Packers at home but this is the sort of game that the Ravens turn up for.

Jags 23 @ 9 Browns

  • messy contest where the Jags defence come away with 3 picks and 6 sacks?!?!? I do hope they make the playoffs this year. Will the Browns actually get a win this season? Perhaps the last game where Pittsburgh play their second team after already clinching seed number 1….. I hope…..

Redskins 24 @ 34 Saints

  • Il give it to the Redskins, they always make for an entertaining game and I do rate Kirk Cousins but the Saints are the team to beat at the moment. They just seem to be able to score for fun and demolished the Bills last week on the road. The Redskins will make this a contest but in the end won’t be able to live with Drew Brees and this entire offence.

Cardinals 20 @ 14 Texans

  • Both starting Quarter backs done for the season, both teams have high quality talent in other areas. Just depends on who turns up on the day. Can Adrian Peterson get going again or will Deandre Hopkins repeat his performance from last week? I think this one decides the contest. Or any missed field goals.

Lions 20 @ 24 Bears

  • I thought the Bears would win last week but all of their momentum has fizzled out really. Still, I’m going to go with them at home again against the Lions. I do like the Lions and these games historically are always close but this time the Bears learn from their Green Bay game last week and get it done.

Rams 23 @ 24 Vikings

  • Matchup of the week? How many people would have said that last season? The Vikings have won the last 3 times these two have faced each other and I think being at home helps. One of the best defences in the league against a high powered, high scoring Rams offence? Take nothing away from both of these teams. They are having a great season, both will make the playoffs but a win here takes major steps towards taking their division. I don’t think the Rams are quite ready to play with the big boys… yet.

Bucs 20 @ 24 Dolphins

  • The Dolphins showed they can score points as although losing heavily to the Panthers, they still put up a few scores. They now face a Bucs defensive team that have conceded far too many points this season and haven’t been clicking on offence at all. Not a pritty game but a win none the less for the Dolphins.

9.05pm (BST) 

Bills 16 @ 24 Chargers

  • It was so disappointing to see how the Chargers can throw away games. It’s what I said a few weeks ago, good team that have pieces to the puzzle but there is always, always an excuse. Until this is sorted they will coast through each season with no football come January. The worse thing is that Rivers isn’t getting any younger…. After an onslaught by the Saints the Bills need to get their season back on track, so they decide to bench Tyrod Taylor for this one? Don’t know about you guys but after watching that game I wouldn’t have said he was the overall problem….. Chargers win at home (just).

9.25pm (BST) 

Patriots 31 @ 17 Raiders

  • So we go to Mexico for this one. The Patriots have the Raiders number in matchups and now play them at a neutral venue. We all know how Tom Brady is at neutral venues (5 time Super Bowl winner) and this one will be no different. The Raiders haven’t been the story everyone wanted them to be this season and the Patriots haven’t been the same either. Difference is the Patriots are 7-2 and will win their division.

Bengals 20 @ 23 Broncos

  • Well two teams that desperately need a win. Two teams under pressure from their own fans. I think the Broncos have the quality I just think they need to sort this situation at Quarter back. I don’t understand how Siemian can start a season like he did and then buckle like that. Was it the pressure he had on his shoulders? I’m not sure. As for the Bengals, sure they are dangerous but you can be a dangerous team and lose games. Like they are doing.

Monday 13/11/17

1.30am (BST) 

Eagles 34 @ 24 Cowboys

  • These late games are going to be entertaining and worth staying up for!! With a win the Eagles could more than likely clinch the division and take a huge leap towards home field advantage. The Cowboys, must win. Last season the Cowboys took this one  in a one score game but these aren’t the same teams that played last season. Expecting fireworks.

Tuesday 14/11/17 

1.30am (BST) 

Falcons 30 @ 27 Seahawks

  • The Falcons demolished the Cowboys last week and I mean demolished. Okay The defence played hard and sacked Prescott a total of 8 times! 6 going to one player infact! The seahawks need to do a proper job at protecting their Quarterback this week and if they can Russell Wilson will make plays. Let’s not forget about the injuries Seattle have in their secondary and how good that Falcons offence can be!

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