WEEK 12: NFL Game-By-Game Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 12 Picks

We are edging ever closer to the end of the regular season. There are still around half of the teams in the league that are in the hunt to make it come January and this is a huge week that many of these teams need to win.

Below we move on to our week 12 predictions. Look out for them every weekend during the season to help you make your mind up on those dodgy looking matchups and for a few helpful stats to back it up.

Week 12 means it’s thanksgiving football and 3 games were played on Thursday! It was the Vikings @ the Lions to start followed by Chargers @ Cowboys and then the Giants faced off against the Redskins to top it off!

Neil is 97-50 in his season predictions. Follow him @neil_itez for more.

Let’s get on with the rest……..

Sunday 26/11/17

6.00pm (BST)

Titans 24 @ 21 Colts

– The Colts are a team that will still cause a few upsets this season, I’m sure of it. The Titans however are playoff hungry and these two are used to playing each other. The Titans have the edge and the quality but a close matchup that’s decided in the last few minutes of the game.

Dolphins 10 @ 31 Patriots

– The Patriots will know that if the AFC championship has to go through New England they will almost certainly be in the Super Bowl. This is not a game they will slip up on. The Dolphins looked to spring into life when Matt Moore came on against the Bucs but they still managed to lose. Now they go and play a defence that aren’t the same they were at the beginning of the season, ohhh don’t forget Tom Brady and company too….

Bills 13 @ 31 Chiefs

– So I’ve decided the Bills are just out of ideas and defended their decision to bench Tyrod Taylor for last weeks game. Only for his replacement to throw 5 picks and Tyrod to come back in. Yeh what’s your next bright idea? As for the Chiefs, surprising coming off a bye and losing to the Giants. The Giants just looked like they wanted the win just a bit more. Kansas City need to get back to winning ways and this is their big chance.

Browns 9 @ 24 Bengals

– The Bengals season is close to being over but after such a poor start and being 0-3, they have managed to get to 4-6 and now play a Browns side who will lose to everybody. This one is no different. What is there left to say about the Browns? I feel like it’s been a QB problem for too long now, they have to start there and then build around it.

Panthers 20 @ 17 Jets

– This will be a close one. The Jets have played some tough games and have surprised me this year but they still lack any real quality and will not get above .500 for a long time. The Panthers have sneakily found their way to Top end of the NFC and are a good team. If Cam Newton starts to emulate his form that got this team to the super bowl, this team will be dangerous for anybody to play come January.

Bears 14 @ 27 Eagles

– I’m just looking forward to when the Eagles play at Seattle followed by playing at the Rams. This will tell me if they can win the super bowl this year. The Bears will give stiff opposition but Carson Wentz and his Eagles offence are just relentless with scoring at the moment.

Bucs 14 @ 34 Falcons

– The Bucs have won two on the bounce but they are hardly flying considering these wins have been against the Dolphins and the Jets. The Falcons however seem to have found some form and this could be coming at the right time. As long as this team is in the hunt, nobody will want to face them in the playoffs.


9.05pm (BST)

Seahawks 23 @ 16 49ers

– Russell Wilson is the difference. Even with a banged up defence this guy is proving to everybody why he should be considered for league MVP. I like that the 49ers got their first win but the Seahawks will find a way to get in there and get out with the win.


9.25pm (BST)

Saints 24 @ 27 Rams OT

– Matchup of the week this one. Hard to call so I do what I always do and go with the home team! I do feel that the Rams are decent but will struggle coming up against any of the big teams in the NFC. Still glad to see them in the playoffs (if they get there). The Saints will always be a force because of Drew Brees and that offence. That defence is just starting to slip again though so need picking up.

Broncos 17 @ 20 Raiders

– Which team will end their baron run? Home team. The Raiders will win a cagey affair just because they will want it more. The Denver Broncos all know what the problem is, they are just waiting to fix it.

Jags 16 @ 20 Cardinals

– Jags are big favourites here but I’m waiting for them to slip up. I don’t trust Bortles and the team to be honest. They are a talented bunch but have always found a way to bottle it. Then again if there is a division to be in and win it’s the AFC South. The Cardinals are just about being held together, ageless wonder Larry Fitz can still make plays and is a guaranteed hall of famer and mr Arizona.

Monday 13/11/17

1.30am (BST)

Packers 13 @ 30 Steelers

– Something worries me about this game. Not sure what it is, but I’ve got a feeling something is going to happen. The Steelers however have home field advantage to achieve and I think it’s essential mentally when potentially coming up against the Patriots. The Packers? Ummm….. shall we just wait until next season?


Tuesday 14/11/17

1.30am (BST)

Texans 13 @ 30 Ravens

– The Ravens always get to this time of year, get a whiff of playoff football and decide their going to show up. These are the sorts of games that get them there. Houston managed to get a win but that’s was at home and against a banged up Cardinals team. The Ravens will not be forgiving, especially to Tom Savage.


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