WEEK 15: Four Games, Four Over Totals Predictions This Week

Wow, what a week last week! A crazy snow game in Buffalo going to overtime, Jacksonville showing no signs of slowing down, the Patriots lose in Miami and Pittsburgh takes a thriller against the Ravens. There was so much more than this and I could spend ages writing about how exciting it was last week!

Just the 2/4 last week, annoyingly the Bengals couldn’t produce anything much at all against the Bears and the Rams game could have gone either way in the end, but the Eagles came out on top in a great match up!

I’ve selected 4 games again this week, all of which I’ve picked in a team totals market.

Arizona Cardinals @ Washington Redskins – Arizona Cardinals Team Points Over 18.5

Cardinals Team Points Over 18.5 – 5/6* – Bet365


To me this total is simply to low to ignore, Washington have conceded more than this in 10 of their games this season and Arizona have posted more than this in their last 4 versus the Redskins.

Green Bay Packers @ Carolina Panthers – Green Bay Packers Team Points Over 22.5

Green Bay Packers Team Points Over 22.5 – 5/6* – Bet365


He’s back!! Aaron Rodgers, probably my favourite non-Charger NFL player. This guy is simply amazing and can change the outcome of most games by himself!

The Packers have a real shot of the playoffs with Arod at the helm, as good as the Panthers D is, I can see Green Bay surpassing this total and they probably will have to to win, as Carolina will most likely score heavily against a weak Packers defense themselves.


Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars – Jacksonville Jaguars Team Points Over 26.5

Jacksonville Jaguars Team Points Over 26.5 – 5/6* – Bet365

The Jags thumped Houston 27-9 earlier on in the season and i’d say at this point in the season they are even better!

Their defense is one of the best league, and Bortles is clicking on offense and isn’t turning the ball over as much, up against a 3rd string Houston Quarterback and a weak defense, I can see Jacksonville scoring points on Offense, Defense and Special teams as they’ve shown all season long.


Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns – Baltimore Ravens Team Points Over 23.5

Baltimore Ravens Team Points Over 23.5 – 4/5* – Bet365


Okay, so the playoff chasing Ravens face the NFL’s whipping boys the Browns this week, in the last 5 games between these two Baltimore have failed to score less than 24, funnily enough that is currently the target set, hopefully an upset is avoided in this one and the Browns continue to be the Browns.

*All prices and totals are subject to change.






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