Conference championship: NFL Game-By-Game Breakdown & Score Predictions

Conference championship predictions

Wow. Just wow. Saturday for me was reasonably standard. I may have got the Falcons vs Eagles result wrong but that one could have gone either way. Sunday however was just something else. I went through a Rollercoaster of emotions watching that Pittsburgh/Jacksonville game and didn’t end up with the result that I wanted but kudos to the Jags who deservedly booked there place in he AFC championship game. I think some big changes are coming for the Steelers and are most probably needed after failing to stop the Jags offence all game. Take nothing away from them though, they came into Pittsburgh and outplayed them. Then there was that finish in the Vikings/Saints game….. Wow…… If you were to say to me at the beginning of the season that Case Keenum would be throwing a pass with 8 seconds on the clock in their own half to save the game. Ohhh and that pass would result in a Diggs Touchdown to send Minnesota to the NFC championship game, I would have been just as surprised as Case Keenum was when it actually happened. Fair play to he guy though. Is anybody else thinking about a possible Vikings vs Jags Super Bowl? Who’s truly got the best defence?

Below we move on to our conference predictions. Look out for my predictions every weekend during the season to help you make your mind up on those dodgy looking matchups and for a few helpful stats to back it up.

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Let’s get on with the rest……..

Sunday 21/1/18

8.05pm (BST)

Jags 17 @ 24 Patriots

– I will be truly disappointed if this matchup ends up being a blowout. Everyone raves about the Jags and I’ve seen twitter polls and discussions having the Jags win this game but I’ve got one phrase for you… ‘It’s Tom Brady and the Patriots at home in the playoffs’. I know the Jags played well against the Steelers but the Steelers really did show that the steel curtain has well and truly left Pittsburgh. Don’t forget that The Jags also lost games to the Jets, Cardinals and the 49ers this season so are not exactly perfect themselves. As for the Patriots, well when they did lose a AFC championship game it was to; The 2012 Ravens, The 2013 Broncos, The 2015 Broncos…. All teams with the supposed best defence in the league at the current time. The Jags could have this but there can’t afford to be any slip ups AND they can’t afford a shootout like they tried with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Patriots are better coached and more disciplined than the Steelers and will find a way to stop Jacksonville scoring. This game really depends on the battle between Tom Brady & The ‘Sacksonville’ Jaguars. That’s if Brady plays…. you never know what the Patriots and Brady are trying to do or not do with reports of him being ‘questionable’. Let’s be honest, AFC championship game? He plays……


11.40pm (BST)

Vikings 20 @ 13 Eagles

– The more and more I think about it the more I actually want the Vikings to host the Super Bowl in there own place! What an amazing achievement it would be and a spectacle to be able to potentially lift the Super Bowl trophy in your hometown! Especially if they also knocked off somebody like the Patriots too. The Eagles are the complete underdogs but are still the #1 NFC team. Crazy. I do think they are weak in areas, but they are expertly coached and are inspired to prove everybody wrong. Not to mention a pair of talented backs in Ajayi and Blount. Going into Philadelphia will not be easy for the Vikes but I just can’t see them wasting this opportunity, and with the matchup between Nick Foles and that Vikings defence? Nick Foles didn’t throw a touchdown last week, He threw for 238 yards but no score. This defence is better……

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