The Super Bowl: NFL Game-By-Game Breakdown & Score Predictions

Super Bowl LII prediction

So here it is folks, the end is here and with it comes the best two teams in the NFL battle it out to be crowned the worlds best…. for another year atleast….

I can’t believe the season is over!! What are we all going to do now for another off-season?! Of course we here at ITEZ will be keeping you up to date with all major and interesting stories that happen around the league but it goes without saying that we will miss our weekly fix of football!

No surprises here to see New England appear in yet another Super Bowl, and Mr Tom Brady eyeing his sixth victory…. SIXTH!! I mean it’s not as if the guy is already being labelled the greatest of all time…. this would just be something else. You could even state the fact that you won’t be seeing anything like this ever in the future of this sport. In their way are the Philadelphia Eagles. What can Philly do to spoil the GOATS party? Well they have been underdogs in every other playoff game so it makes no surprise that in the Super Bowl they come in as huge underdogs. It’s okay though Philly, you only have to go and beat the best Player/Coach/Organisation combination of all time in the pinnacle of your sport……

We at Itez will be watching the super bowl together and will be on hand before, during and after. Let us know where you will be watching the super bowl this year!!!

Neil is 171 – 76 in his season predictions. Follow him @neil_itez for more.

Let’s get on with the rest……..

Sunday 4/2/18

11.30pm (BST)

Eagles 17 VS 24 Patriots

– I think it will seem close but the Patriots will always be in control of themselves and thus in control of the game. I know I know Eagles fans will be sick and tired of once again being the underdog but this isn’t just any game and it’s not just about them. This is the super bowl and the main man Mr Tom has been there so many times that it almost feels like a standard end of year home game for him. Not only him but Big Bill and the rest of the organisation too. The Patriots have been here time and time again and it’s so hard to look past them and see what the Eagles can offer. That being said, the Patriots are not invincible. If the Eagles front seven can apply pressure to Brady and hurry him along, minimising his impact on the game then they might actually be able to keep up. Nick Foles will rely on the running duo of Blount and Ajayi whilst throwing in a combination of play action passes. Short, but could be time consuming which will keep Brady off the field.

– If the Eagles win it, I think it will be a major major upset. One of the greatest. A journeyman QB taking over a team throughout the playoffs and in the Super Bowl, a newly formed coaching team, new running backs and other skilled positions, against the most consistent, well built organisation in NFL history. I think the game will be close and I think both teams will turn up but I don’t think at any point I will be thinking that the Patriots are in serious trouble. Especially after last year! They have everything, experience, quality, the QB, the coach….. the kicker….. it could come down to a kick but I don’t think Brady will even let that happen. Did you know that statistically the Eagles worst quarter in games in the 4th? That’s when they concede the most points? What and now you want to give that ball to Tom Brady in the 4th to potentially win the game? Yeh….. okay then…… New England establish probably the greatest dynasty that football has ever seen and will see. What happens after can wait until it’s all over.


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