Who Are The Winners Of NFL Free Agency 2018 So Far

Week one of NFL free agency is in the books and A LOT happened!

In fact, it was much more exciting than I was expecting it to be. Admittedly there are a few high-profile names left to fill a team’s roster but the majority of the talent have already found a new team and cemented a shed load of cash in the process.

Whilst its great for them to be swimming in guaranteed money for the next couple of seasons, all we really care about is whether the moves have made teams better or not.

So, we have evaluated the success of the start of free agency based on whether the moves they’ve made have/will make a difference come to the start of the 2018 season.

Browns vs. Vikings - Line of Scrimmage

Who were the winners of NFL free agency?

San Francisco 49ers

There’s a lot of change in San Francisco! One things for sure though, they managed to get some serious talent onto that roster to start free agency.


Here are a few of those key signings:

  • Richard Sherman, CB (Signed from Seattle Seahawks)
  • Jerick McKinnon, RB (Signed from Minnesota Vikings)
  • Weston Richburg, Center (Signed from New York Giants)


We could have stopped at Richard Sherman to be fair. Yes, he had a major injury last season but the guy produces and is a big personality to have on a developing team. Weston Richburg signed a big contract but if you have a shiny Quarterback like Garoppolo, he needs protecting.

Jerick McKinnon is an ‘okay’ addition too.


Cleveland Browns

Cleveland couldn’t get any worse, right? They’ve surprised a few during free agency, including me, and they’ve easily got better with the addition of some well-known faces.


Here are a few of those key signings:

  • Jarvis Landry, WR (Signed from Miami Dolphins)
  • Tyrod Taylor, QB (Signed from Buffalo Bills)
  • Demarious Randall, DB (Signed from Green Bay Packers)
  • Carlos Hyde, RB (Signed from San Francisco 49ers)


As you can see, they meant business this offseason and no longer want to be the laughing stock of the NFL and although they haven’t changed a whole team, they’ll definitely move forward in 2018/19.

Alongside the signings, they shipped out DeShone Kizer (QB), Jason McCourty (DB) and Danny Shelton (DT), which shows real intent to change things in Cleveland.

Jared Goff at Twickenham Stadium

Los Angeles Rams 

The Los Angeles Rams were one of the most surprising teams of 2017 and had a young, exciting roster. In free agency, they have added some experience.


Here are a few of those key signings:

  • Sam Shields, CB (Signed from Green Bay Packers)
  • Aqib Talib, CB (Signed from Denver Broncos)
  • Marcus Peters, CB (Signed from Kansas City Chiefs)


There’s a trend here …

The LA Rams added depth at Cornerback and man, did they add some talent. Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters are two corners that will improve this team in a big way. They both have big personalities but I think this helps the Rams, especially if they make the Playoffs again.


Tennessee Titans

The Titans are looking to reach the playoffs for consecutive seasons for the first time since 2007-08 and made some good signings in free agency to help them do just that.


Here are a couple of those key signings:

  • Dion Lewis, RB (Signed from New England Patriots)
  • Malcolm Butler, CB (Signed from New England Patriots)


Man, did they need a top starting cornerback?! They got one of the best in the NFL by landing Butler. He’s got the experience of playing at the highest level and that will help Tennessee, as will the addition of Dion Lewis. After releasing DeMarco Murray, they brought in Lewis to be the perfect combination alongside Derrick Henry and I like this backfield a lot.

They just need to hope they can keep their new additions healthy.

At the time of this article, they’re among one of the favourites to land Ndamukong Suh too … scary!

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