The State Of The Franchise 2018: New York Jets

As part of a new series we’re running, we’ve invited our fans and community members to share their thoughts on their team’s finish to last year and their predictions for the coming season.

This series is called ‘State of the Franchise’ and will keep us all entertained between now and the start of the new 2018 season. So, sit back and enjoy the thoughts from New York Jets fan, Samuel Marriott (@S88Marriott).

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Last Season’s Reflections 

The Jets are in rebuild mode. Let’s face it, we’ve been rebuilding since Broadway Joe left! But now is the first time there might be hope for a playoff run – if not this season, next.

Last season was a bitter sweet one for the Jets. We only went 5-11, which by anyone’s standard was a failure. However, we were predicted to go 0-16, so to win 5 games was brilliant, and to win against 2 playoff teams (Jags and Chiefs), whilst given many teams a hard battle, was fantastic. If it wasn’t for the dreaded Catch-Rule that overturned 2 touchdowns for the Jets, we would have been at least 7-9, I believe. You could see the potential, and that’s what the fans needed to see. We ended the season with hope.

Changes During The Off-Season

The off-season was a mixed bag. Say what you like about the Wilkerson cut, but this should have happened during the off-season before. He was lazy, reluctant, and not bothered at helping a team that needed him. Just like Richardson, I was glad to see the back of him. The culture of the locker room has changed, and we have a great leader in McCown. I was very happy we resigned him, as he is a great player-coach and will help the organisation in the right way.

We also acquired a few targets for these guys in Charles Johnson (Ravens) and, the now, healthy Enunwa. We found a few more TE’s but I wished we had resigned Austin Seferian-Jenkins, as he was very productive for us last year. We still have a hole on the offensive line, which we need to address.

The first round trade ..

The Suck-For-Sam campaign at the start of the 2017 season, came to fruition in the draft, but not the way we thought. The Jets will never throw games for anyone; it’s not in our blood and it’s not why the players play the game. We fought with hope every single week, and we deserved respect for that. We ended up at the number 6th pick of the draft. Then McCagnan stepped in and traded up to the 3rd pick. We gave up many 2nd round picks and many pundits thought we’d given away the house, but McCagnan was proved right on the night. Everyone was surprised the Browns picked Mayfield, and the Darnold campaign came full circle, and Sam coming to the Jets at number 3.

A string of perfect QBs

This was the perfect scenario – McCown can coach him, we have Teddy as the backup, and I’m hoping Darnold will see the field somewhere around mid-season so he can gain experience. We also picked up some great assets in the draft, with most analysts giving us anywhere between a B+ to an A+. We still don’t have an offensive line though, so I hope the QB’s can work out the pocket, as there may not be one there!


Predictions For The New Season

The 2018 season is still going to be a rebuild season, I believe.

We have more pieces of the playoff puzzle, but a lot of guys are young and new to the NFL. With the schedule we have I would predict between a 6-10 to a 8-8 record for us.

McCown will retire at the end of the year, Darnold will be our starter next season with Bridgewater the back-up. I think we’ll see the last of Anderson, as his attitude does not fit in the Jets culture, and if it were up to me, he wouldn’t be back this season. I’m looking forward to this season and seeing what our new players can do.




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