The State Of The Franchise 2018: Denver Broncos

Our ‘State Of The Franchise’ series continues this week with the Denver Broncos. UK Fan, Ciaran McAvoy (@ceza16), has weighed in with his thoughts for his team and reflects on 2017 with a view to an improving 2018 campaign.

So, read on to find out what he thinks.

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Last Seasons Reflections

After starting last season 3-1 (with 4 pre season wins) going into the week 5 bye, I, like many Broncos fans, had reasonably high hopes for the, clearly, low ceiling that was Trevor Siemian.

Needless to say that hope was short lived…

After watching more QBs play than wins achieved, my hopes started to dwindle.

From a Superbowl winning team to a losing season in less than two years – it was painful to watch!

For all the negatives, there were some positives behind the awful results> One of those watching us shutout the Dallas Cowboys running game when everybody was talking about how scary matching up against Ezekiel Elliot was, and watching Demaryius Thomas and C.J. Anderson still owning the offense with 8 TDs between them and just shy of 2000 yards – that was fun!

Changes During Off-Season

Losing Aqib Talib and C.J. Anderson, and losing Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler … only two of those being negative.

On the flip side, we gained Keenum, Freeman, Chubb, Sutton and Yiadom and I see these all as positive moves!

People seem to have a negative eye about Case Keenum but give him the right coach, playbook and ability on the skill positions and he flys! You only have to see what he did in Minnesota last season.

We’ve got a strong Case …

I’m really excited to see Case lined up under centre with the weapons on offense Denver already have (namely Thomas and Sanders) bringing Freeman into the fold to create real competition at running back, here’s to hoping that we’ll see a glimmer of the Elway/Davis days.

And, something about the additions of Chubb and Yiadom bring me hope that we can return to the no fly zone of Superbowl 50 fame!

Predictions For The Season

My only concern throughout the off-season is a distinct lack of improvement on O-line, which was part of the reason all three QB’s struggled so much with 52 sacks recorded against the Denver Broncos last season and that could again be our undoing this year.

Our match ups seem to be leaning towards an easier set of games but it seems this year’s draft has really turned the league on its head. I mean, even the Cleveland Browns off-season additions make them look like less of an easy game compared to years gone by.

Of course, any step forward from last year is a positive for us but I truly believe that with the rushing terror of Bradley Chubb and Von Miller, we can be back to playoff levels this season and hopefully stay there for a few years! My optimistic prediction though, is for us to go 11-5 … 😁


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