The State Of The Franchise 2018: Philadelphia Eagles

Your Superbowl Champions; the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Very few would’ve tipped the Eagles to reach the Superbowl, let alone actually win it, but they did … and in some style too! This time around, we have UK Eagles fan Andy Jones (@andyjones550) helping us out with our ‘State of the Franchise’ series and we have a feeling this might be a very joyous reflection.

So, let’s fly straight to it …

Hoston Texans vs Philadelphia Eagles

Last Season’s Reflections

As an Eagles fan of over 25 years, this is a very exciting time for Philadelphia. We’re the defending world champions, and there are many reasons to look forward to a bright future.

Last season provided memory after memory. Wentz playing Houdini with Washington’s pass rush, Agholor leaving Budda Baker lookimg like a dog chasing his own tail, Jake Elliot kicking game winning field goals from half way to Pittsburgh, Jeffery catching passes whilst falling over, whilst twisting, whilst doing the Macerana, not to mention the baseball celebration, the family photo and something called the Philly Special.

It doesn’t get much better than winning the big one, especially for the first time, and without several starters who went down to injuries. Even at full strength, with Wentz playing at MVP level (an award he still should have won despite missing the last three regular season games), the season surpassed all expectations. I expected an improvement on 2016 with Wentz gaining experience and having new weapons in the shape of Jeffery and Smith, not to mention Nelson Agholor who became a top slot receiver having been earmarked for the exit door in pre-season. This team was improving but no Eagles fan expected the season we had, and for Foles to play the way he did in the Superbowl was simply epic. He went toe to toe with one of the greatest ever and outgunned him over 60 minutes. Doug Pederson is building something special and is as fearless a coach as I’ve ever seen in Philly. I lost count of how many times he went for it on fourth down against the Patriots and the team repaid him with a season that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Rocky movie (yes, I said it).


Changes during the off-season

So where do we go from here? I’m not gonna predict a dynasty, but let’s look at the facts. Philadelphia won the Superbowl without their best player. In this off season they birds have improved immediately just by getting injured players back. Sproles, Peters, Jones and Wentz are already improving the team, but the signings of Michael Bennett and Corey Nelson are good moves on defense and I believe that Mike Wallace is an upgrade on Torrey Smith as a deep threat in 2018.

Predictions for the new season

Predicting the new season is a tough one, because it’s so difficult in the NFL to repeat as Champions. But let’s look at the facts; Philadelphia went through three playoff games against the very best the NFL had to offer, with a backup quarterback. You take the Carson Wetnz from 2017 and put him in that team and surely it’s even better, but a lot will depend on how he comes back from that injury. On paper, the 2018 Eagles are even better than the 2017 Superbowl winners. They are more experienced and know how to win the big one. I expect a deep playoff run, and our best chance of repeating…… is if we get written off again!


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