The Shocks, Steals & Happenings Of Our 2018/19 NFL Fantasy Draft

NFL Fantasy Draft day. The sign that the NFL season is back up and running again. What a time to be alive.

I mean what have you guys been doing since February? Well for one I’ve actually done some actual work rather than sit on my fantasy football app to see what the latest player news has to bring me.

It seems so long ago. Preseason doesn’t cut it for me and so when I and the rest of the ITEZ team put a date in the diary for our fantasy draft it suddenly dawned on me……. FANTASY FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!! 

Fantasy football is great fun. If you’re a fan of the NFL and want to know more about players or teams, or maybe your team are on a bye week, fantasy football keeps you involved week in, week out during the season and I for one, certainly know more about the NFL and its teams in general, thanks to our fantasy league.

So anyway, just thought I’d share with you guys what went down during our fantasy draft. We welcomed a new team owner Ross and said farewell to our Japanese friend and ITEZ team member Mike (temporarily). Still an 8 team, standard-scoring format league with 1 sub allowed once every 3 weeks – tough!  

The Into The End Zone draft order was as follows: 

  1. Aaron Mowbray (AM)@ITEZ_AaronMowbray
  2. Thomas Stocks (TS) @IntoTheEndZone_
  3. Neil Evans (NE) @ITEZ_NeilEvans
  4. Matt Hendry (MH) @ITEZ_MattHendry
  5. Ricky Jones (RJ)@ITEZ_RickyJones
  6. Ross Rendall (RR)
  7. Darren Griffiths (DG)
  8. Matt Carter (MC) @ITEZ_MattCarter

Follow us on Twitter for updates on how our season is going, up to date news, our opinions and for more insights into the world of football! So without further adieu… 



  1. Le’veon Bell – AM
  2. David Johnson – TS
  3. Todd Gurley – NE
  4. Ezekiel Elliott – MH
  5. Aaron Rodgers – RJ
  6. Kareem Hunt – RR
  7. Saquon Barkley – DG
  8. Melvin Gordon – MC

Every single player to go in the first round was a running back. Oh, apart from a certain QB that funnily enough was Ricky’s first selection last year too. It’s a man crush thing and we don’t ask too many questions to be honest. No surprise with the first four picks though as this quartet seems to be going first in most drafts. 

Biggest Steal – Saquon Barkley (Purely based on him having a beast season)



  1. Antonio Brown – MC
  2. Deshaun Watson – DG
  3. Deandre Hopkins – RR
  4. Julio Jones – RJ
  5. Alvin Kamara – MH
  6. Leonard Fournette – NE
  7. Dalvin Cook – TS
  8. Odell Beckham Jnr – AM

Very interesting second round. You could make an argument that one or two of these players should have gone in the first round but remember it is only an 8 team league. That said, getting Antonio Brown when picking last is a great steal as he’s been going 5th or 6th in many of my mock drafts. Same goes for Hopkins and Beckham who I have seen go much earlier in mock drafts so to get these players after already securing an RB 1 is very handy indeed. As for Watson going in the second round… that’s bold (and a bit crazy)!!!! 

Biggest steal – Antonio Brown (ADP of 5) – this is damn right ridiculous. 



  1. Jordan Howard – AM
  2. Devonta Freeman – TS
  3. Keenan Allen – NE
  4. Leshaun McCoy – MH
  5. Joe Mixon – RJ
  6. AJ Green – RR
  7. Juju Smith Schuster – DG
  8. Michael Thomas – MC

Round 3 is where you start to perhaps get some major steals and also start to fill up in different positions. Half of these picks were still Running backs as a result of so many going in the first round and so some big names at other positions were still available! Michael Thomas to partner Antonio Brown is a strong WR core and after picking 8th overall I’d be happy with that! 

Biggest steal – Michael Thomas (WR1 with the 24th pick)



  1. Christian McCaffrey – MC
  2. Adrian Peterson – DG
  3. Royce Freeman – RR
  4. Rob Gronkowski – RJ
  5. Devante Adams – MH
  6. Travis Kelce – NE
  7. Tyreek Hill – TS
  8. Cam Newton – AM 

Biggest steal – Devante Adams (WR1 receiving from Rodgers)



  1. Stefon Diggs – AM
  2. Doug Baldwin – TS
  3. T.Y. Hilton – NE 
  4. Larry Fitzgerald – MH 
  5. Adam Thielen – RJ 
  6. Tom Brady – RR 
  7. Alex Smith – DG 
  8. Evan Engram – MC

Biggest steal – T.Y. Hilton (If he’s back to his best with Luck back) 



  1. Drew Brees – MC
  2. Jarvis Landry – DG
  3. Zach Ertz – RR
  4. Lamar Miller – RJ 
  5. Russell Wilson – MH 
  6. Mike Evans – NE 
  7. Jimmy Graham – TS 
  8. Jerick McKinnon – AM 

Biggest steal – Mike Evans (WR1 potential) 



  1. Kenyan Drake – AM 
  2. Kirk Cousins – TS 
  3. Alex Collins – NE 
  4. Allen Robinson – MH 
  5. Rams D – RJ 
  6. Amari Cooper – RR 
  7. Jordan Reed – DG 
  8. Demaryius Thomas – MC 

Biggest steal – Alex Collins (Ravens RB, could rely heavily on him) 



  1. Derrick Henry – MC 
  2. Kyle Rudolph – DG 
  3. Jay Ajayi – RR 
  4. Jamaal Williams – RJ 
  5. Delanie Walker – MH 
  6. Carson Wentz – NE 
  7. Marquis Goodwin – TS 
  8. Marvin Jones – AM 

Biggest steal – Marquis Goodwin (Breakout year) 



  1. Greg Olsen – AM 
  2. Carlos Hyde – TS
  3. Chris Hogan – NE
  4. Dion Lewis – MH 
  5. Brandin Cooks – RJ 
  6. Marshawn Lynch – RR 
  7. Paul Richardson – DG 
  8. TY. Montgomery – MC

Biggest steal – Greg Olsen (Big comeback year selection in round 9) 



  1. Mike Williams – MC
  2. Sammy Watkins – DG
  3. Jamison Crowder – RR 
  4. Chris Carson – RJ 
  5. Golden Tate – MH 
  6. Tevin Coleman – NE 
  7. Emanuel Sanders – TS 
  8. Corey Davis – AM 

Biggest steal – Chris Carson (If Seattle produce a running game) 



  1. Jaguars D – AM
  2. Andrew Luck – TS 
  3. Michael Crabtree – NE 
  4. Vikings D – MH 
  5. Robert Woods – RJ 
  6. Randall Cobb – RR 
  7. Mark Ingram – DG 
  8. Chris Boswell – MC 

Biggest steal – Andrew Luck (Potential QB top 3 in round 11) 



  1. Eagles D – MC 
  2. Broncos D – DG 
  3. Packers D – RR 
  4. Matt Ryan – RJ 
  5. Steven Gostkowski – MH 
  6. Jack Doyle – NE 
  7. Texans D – TS 
  8. Justin Tucker – AM 



  1. David Njoku – AM 
  2. Trey Burton – TS 
  3. Greg Zeurline – NE 
  4. Matt Stafford – MH 
  5. Giovanni Bernard – RJ 
  6. Philip Rivers – RR 
  7. Will Lutz – DG 
  8. Ben Roethlisberger- MC 



  1. Josh Gordon – MC 
  2. Ravens D – DG 
  3. Jake Elliott – RR 
  4. Devin Funchess – RJ 
  5. Tyler Eifert – MH 
  6. Chargers D – NE 
  7. Matt Bryant – TS 
  8. Falcons D – AM 



  1. Jimmy Garrapolo – AM 
  2. Peyton Barber – TS
  3. Jared Goff – NE
  4. Patriots D – MH
  5. Matt Prater – RJ
  6. Marlon Mack – RR
  7. Sebastian Janikowski – DG
  8. Austin Hooper – MC 

So there you have it, folks! To some of you there are some major shocks but to us, it’s just what we expected. Ricky Jones picking Aaron Rodgers with his first pick is a standard (huge Green Bay Packers fan).

Darren Selecting Adrian Peterson for the second year in a row may shock some of you, but we’re talking about the guy that won it all last year after selecting Adrian Peterson with his first pick (I KNOW)!

I’m sure there will be many twists and turns still to come so make sure you follow our progress through Twitter or Facebook and let us know what you think of the teams!!! Happy Footballing!!!

Post Author: Neil Evans

IntoTheEndZone NFL fantasy writer and tipper. Huge Fan of Pittsburgh Steelers. Follow me on Twitter at @Neil_ITEZ

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