WEEK 2: NFL Game-By-Game Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 2 Picks

Week 1 was all about getting a feel on what to expect this season. It was such a good feeling to have football back on our screens and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Steelers and Browns play out a draw on the opening day with a missed game winning kick and another blocked game winning kick! Crazy!!! 

Some teams look to carry on where they left off last season. The Patriots and Jags still manage to get the job done after what looked on paper some tricky matchups. The Eagles and the Rams look dominating in the NFC so that should be interesting to see how they develop this season. Aaron Rodgers is also back, say what you want about the packers but THAT man is THAT GOOD!!! How about the Saints and Bucs game?!? More matchups like that please!! (Especially for those fantasy owners). 

Below we move on to our week 2 predictions. Look out for them every weekend during the season to help you make your mind up on those dodgy looking matchups and for a few helpful stats to back it up. I tend to miss the Thursday night game as it’s a little too early to post the rest of the predictions for Sunday. So much can change in the footballing world in just a few days. 

Neil is 9-6 this season so far in his predictions. Follow him @neil_itez for more.


Sunday 15/09/18

6.00pm (BST)

Panthers 20 @ 24 Falcons 

Chargers 31 @ 13 Bills

Chiefs 28 @ 31 Steelers 

Vikings 27 @ 24 Packers 

Browns 17 @ 27 Saints 

Dolphins 17 @ 20 Jets 

Eagles 27 @ 20 Bucs 

Texans 28 @ 20 Titans 

Colts 17 @ 31 Redskins 



9.05pm (BST)

Cardinals 10 @ 34 Rams

Lions 16 @ 24 49ers 


9.25pm (BST) 

Raiders 17 @ 23 Broncos 

Patriots 20 @ 16 Jags 


Monday 10/09/18

1.20am (BST) 

Giants 27 @ 31 Cowboys 


Tuesday 11/09/18 

1.15am (BST) 

Seahawks 17 @ 24 Bears 

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