WILDCARD WEEKEND: NFL Breakdown & Score Predictions

Wilcard Weekend 

So this is it… into the new year and now the serious work starts for the select teams that made it to the off-season. The Colts & Texans fins themselves locked into another divisional game but this time the loser is done for the season. Both teams will know each other through and through so will be an interesting one. The Colts brilliant offensive line against JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney will be the key factor. The Seahawks made it through and now travel to face the Cowboys in Dallas. Prescott gets his chance to prove his worth as the franchise QB for this team. The Baltimore Ravens survived a late scare to make it into the playoffs and actually host a home again against the red hot Chargers. Two completely different sort of teams but two very talented defensive line ups. For me it comes down to who wins the turnover battle. The last game is fascinating. The Eagles somehow managed to sneak into the playoffs at the last minute and with Nick Foles at the helm it feels like Deja vu right? Well they have to face the Bears in Chicago who have been ballin all year so far. Can Mitch Trubisky keep up his consistent play? When combined with Kalil Mack and the Bears talented defence, the Bears are a Super Bowl contender. 

Below we move on to our wildcard playoff round predictions. Look out for them every weekend during the season to help you make your mind up on those dodgy looking matchups and for a few helpful stats to back it up. I tend to miss the Thursday night game as it’s a little too early to post the rest of the predictions for Sunday. So much can change in the footballing world in just a few days. 

Neil is 160-79 this season so far in his predictions. Follow him on Twitter: @neil_itez for more.


Saturday 5/01/19

9.35pm (BST) 

Colts 20 @ 24 Texans 


Sunday 6/01/19

1.15am (BST) 

Seahawks 17 @ 28 Cowboys 


6.05pm (BST) 

Chargers 20 @ 17 Ravens 


9.40pm (BST) 

Eagles 20 @ 24 Bears 

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