CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND: NFL Breakdown & Score Predictions


So it comes down to this…. one more game. One more game and you earn yourselves a trip to Atlanta and Super Bowl LIII. 

Once again Tom Brady and the New England Patriots get it done. Actually, that’s unfair, it wasn’t even a contest in my eyes. I thought it would be, I had the Patriots to win of course but not as easily as they did. The Chargers couldn’t keep up and the Patriots Offence reminded everybody that they are still the ones to beat. I mean How about Edelman?! 9 catches for 151 yards. That man moves the sticks. 

The Chiefs also got it done easily and breezed past the Colts in what was a disappointing matchup in the end in my view. I didn’t read too much into the Chiefs as I thought the Colts were so poor and didn’t really offer anything in the attacking game. The Chiefs didn’t show me anything that they hadn’t already during the season. They were well coached, high powered and dangerous on all sides. The defence showed up but of course, they didn’t really need too. 

This game promises to live up to the hype. It’s Brady vs Mahomes. The Goat vs the next best thing. The Chiefs high powered offence against the playoff machine that is New England. For me, this game is all about scoring. It finished 43-40 with the last kick of the game during the regular season and I expect something similar here. I don’t want to pick, but if I have to then I’m going with the experience. Brady and the Patriots have been here too many times before. 13 times in fact….. the only thing that troubles me is that it’s not actually in New England this time. Keep your hats on people, this one is going to have fireworks. 

Both the Saints and the Rams just found ways to win last week. The Rams rushed for 273 yards and ran over the Cowboys in their game, whereas the Saints did the opposite and just threw the ball towards Michael Thomas who finished with 12 catches for 171 yards and a score. This game is all about the Saints offence. They played each other in week 9 and the Saints showed that they were the most dominant, high powered scoring offence in football. Since then though, they haven’t been the same. Apart from Michael Thomas last week the Saints didn’t really have anything else to offer, in ways it almost felt a little desperate. Whereas the Rams you feel coasted slightly and have something else up their sleeve. Even so, I believe Drew Brees shows up to this one and shows the world how world class he really is and has been for the game. If he gets going early, then Ingram and Kamara can have their way. Look to see how the Rams running game does against the Saints number 2 ranked rushing defence. 


Below we move on to our championship weekend predictions. Look out for them every weekend during the season to help you make your mind up on those dodgy looking matchups and for a few helpful stats to back it up. I tend to miss the Thursday night game as it’s a little too early to post the rest of the predictions for Sunday. So much can change in the footballing world in just a few days. 

Neil is 165-82 this season so far in his predictions. Follow him on Twitter: @neil_itez for more.


Sunday 20/01/19

8.05pm (BST)

Rams 24 @ 31 Saints 


11.40am (BST) 

Patriots 34 @ 28 Chiefs 

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