SUPER BOWL SUNDAY: NFL Breakdown & Score Predictions

The Super Bowl

Part of me never wanted this day to come. You know why!?!? It signals the end of the NFL season….. but seriously I cannot wait to watch it!! 

How about those two conference championship games though. Both games went to overtime and both could have or as some feel ‘should have’ really gone the other way. 

The Saints so nearly made the cut, with a muffed call on Pass Interference which would have iced the game and given the Saints a chance to kick a FG and win it. Still I have to say that they had plenty of chances to win that game anyway. New Orleans had a 13 point lead after the first quarter and even in overtime possessed the ball first to drive down the field and move on with a touchdown, only to turn the ball over! How about Zeurline though, hits a 48 yard field goal to take the game into overtime and then is good from 57 yards to win it and take his team to their first Super Bowl since 2001. However you look at it, it was a poor call but it is the Rams that play this coming Sunday! 

Waiting for them are of course the Patriots. 

The Patriots also won in overtime just as they do time and time again. I felt it was almost a little disappointing to see a game of two unstoppable offences decided on a coin toss. It was New England that won the coin toss and in usual fashion, Tom Brady drove 75 yards down the field and ended it with a touchdown. Had Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs won that coin toss, who’s to say they wouldn’t have done the exact same thing. It was a valiant effort from the Chiefs and their young QB, who I think has a great shout for regular season MVP. 

Onto the Super Bowl and a fascinating one at that. Tom Brady is attempting to win his sixth and Jared Goff his first!! Does this matter? You bet it does. Brady is a pro, he’s the best in big games and what gets bigger than the Super Bowl? This guy has done it. He knows how to get it done and he knows what will lose the Patriots this game. The key and the only way I can see the Rams winning this one is by getting to Brady. It’s the Rams pass rush against the Patriots offensive line. I hear so much about Aaron Donald for MVP and that he’s potentially the greatest of all time. Well to do that, you have to do it on the greatest stage. Prove it and il preach it all day long. The play of Talib and Peters will also be huge. There can be no mistakes. They have to try and dissect the plays and be smart with how they cover. The moment you let Brady in to what you’re doing he will pick the right play to go against it. The running game in both teams is strong. Sony Michel has proved time and time again that he was an absolute steal for the Patriots and I really do think they can run the ball against the Rams. Look for lots of play action for Michel to get involved only for Brady to throw short screens to James White and Edelman in the slot. I’m really keen to see if Todd Gurley is healthy. CJ Anderson has done a great job and will have a part to play but Gurley is a star and a game winner. He could be the winner and open up opportunities for Goff in the passing game. 

What will also be interesting is the tactical battle between Bill Belichick and Shaun McVay. It’s the student vs the master and I think we will be seeing a lot of looks and plays we haven’t seen before from both of these teams. 

A game winning field goal is all I think separate these two teams. I just think Tom Brady gets 2minutes on the clock to win it and does just that!!



11.30pm (BST)

Patriots 27 v 24 Rams 

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