WEEK 1: Which Players Should You START This Week In NFL Fantasy Football?


Following the success of our picks last year look out for this weekly article giving you a heads up on who to START and DROP each week.

If you followed this stream last year, let us know how you got on in your fantasy league.

Let’s get this season off to a Winning start and win our fantasy leagues!



Each week members of Into The End Zone makes their one pick for a player must start in your NFL Fantasy Football team. This could be because we like the match up, they’re already scoring points for fun or because we genuinely just fancy it!

IntoTheEndZone Team Player Name Position Team Opponent Reason To Start Them
Thomas Lamar Jackson Quarter Back Baltimore Ravens @Miami Dolphins We have no idea how good the Dolphins will be this but they’re probably going to be bad (yes I am going against my own team here) and Lamar Jackson will just run and run, like Mr Forest Gump.
Neil Le’Veon Bell Running Back NY Jets vs. Buffalo Bills This guy has so much to prove after talking it up all of last year, he’s still a quality back after all!
Matt (“Stats”) Jared Cook Tight End New Orleans Saints vs. Houston Texans Cook is now being fed by the far superior Drew Brees instead of Derek Carr. Add to this that the Texans are now minus Jadeveon Clowney’s presence and this has the makings of a points haul.
Carter Leonard Fournette Running Back Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs Fournette has been working hard on his passing game this off season making him more of a dual threat this year. Against a Chief’s defence which almost had the top spot of worst ranked defence last year coming in at 31st. Add to that only slight improvements over the off season I don’t expect them to finish much higher this year.
Aaron Detroit Lions D/ST Detroit Lions @ Arizona Cardinals If you have the Lions D get them in against a Cardinals offensive front which looks ropey at best. Historically QB’s drafted no.1 overall do not do well in their first game, so expect an interception or two from Kyler Murray. The Lions have added strongly to the defence over the offseason and on the repeat fixture last season only allowed Arizona 3 points.


What do you make of these selections?

Get involved with us on Twitterand Facebook and share your Starting roster! Here’s to winning an NFL Fantasy Championship.

Here are our Drop selections for week 1: http://intotheendzone.co.uk/2019/09/08/week-1-which-players-should-you-drop-this-week-in-nfl-fantasy-football/

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