WEEK 2: NFL Score Predictions

Week 2 Picks 

Sorry I missed you guys in week 1!!! Im back with my weekly score predictions which has seen me so far win my local weekly pickem league whilst also finishing in the top 100 players on NFL.coms biggest pickem league last season.

So, what did we learn in week 1?! Well…. Opening night saw Green Bay topple the Chicago Bears with a new look, much improved defence. The Ravens completed a demolition job on the Dolphins to prove they are in a complete re-build phase. The Steelers were humbled by the best team in the NFL (Patriots) in New England. We also had a thriller with the Saints kicking a last minute field goal to overcome the Texans in my game of the week. It was great for football to be back on our screens and I’m off to Philly next week to catch them at home vs the Lions!!!

This week we see all of our teams in action again and it’s a good chance to get a feel to wether or not some teams are for real this season, or if they just got lucky in week 1. Game to watch for this week… Saints @ Rams which could see the Saints get their own back for that ‘no call’ game in the playoffs last season!!!

Neil is 0-0 this season so far in his predictions. Follow him on Twitter: @neil_itez for more.


Sunday 15/09/19

6.00pm (BST)

Cowboys 24 @ 17 Redskins 

Colts 16 @ 24 Titans

Seahawks 14 @ 20 Steelers

Bills 20 @ 23 Giants

Patriots 35 @ 14 Dolphins

Jags 17 @ 31 Texans

Vikings 16 @ 20 Packers

Chargers 21 @ 20 Lions

49ers 20 @ 27 Bengals

Cardinals 10 @ 31 Ravens


9.05pm (BST) 

Chiefs 31 @ 21 Raiders


9.25 (BST) 

Saints 24 @ 21 Rams

Bears 17 @ 13 Broncos


Monday 16/09/19

1.20am (BST) 

Eagles 24 @ 28 Falcons


Tuesday 17/09/19

1.15am (BST) 

Browns 20 @ 16 Jets

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