WEEK 5: Over and Over again!!!

I’ve had 2 weeks off with sorting a house move, but now finally have time to get back to doing what I love, finding a few selections for a Sunday bet!
If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen the nice win I had in week 3 on a quick novelty bet with pretty much all Sunday games points in every quarter which paid over £350 from £5, I also stuck £2.50 In week 4 on any Sunday QB to have 500+ passing yards which I didn’t have any realistic belief of coming in but then Jared Goff happened, 517 yards and that bet came in at 25/1
So week 1 and 2 nothing for me on here but 2 quick bets before the games start without thinking and both land! Typical really.


Carter is 4/5 on his NFL selections.

So let’s get back to it with week 5.

Packers @ Cowboys
Total Points Over 46.5 (10/11) Bet365

Other than the Cowboys being held to 10 points against the Saints last week, they have managed to eclipse 30 points in there three games prior to that.
Similarly Green Bay had a slow start week 1 until eclipsing 20 points in their previous three games themselves, this game has two proven offenses this year already and a dome game that screams points.
Not to mention the last three games in Dallas when these teams faced off all went over 60 points!!

Buccaneers @ Saints
Total Points Over 47.0 (10/11) Bet365

Although the Saints defence showed up big against Dallas last week im gonna take a chance that this, another dome game, goes mad for points this week!
Tampa but up 55 in LA last week and that’s against, for the most part a pretty good D!
This divisional matchup usually sees it’s fair share of points! This Buccs defence has looked very suspect in all of it’s games this year and New Orleans even without Brees look capable of putting up plenty of points.

Vikings @ Giants
Teams Points Giants Over 18.5 (5/6) Bet365

Well, two games under centre and Daniel Jones looks to have revived the G men at least for the last two weeks anyway!
Another home game and they’re only asking for 19 points, even if it’s against a pretty good defence, both teams are 2-2 and will be looking to go over .500 I think Jones even without Barkley can keep the upward spiral going and put at least 19 up against Minnesota.

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