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We’re Into The End Zone, a group of NFL fans (each supporting a different team) who enjoy following the latest news from around the National Football League as well as giving our insights, betting tips and predictions for the coming season.

We help dig out analysis and betting odds from around the web to hopefully help you win some extra cash, so you can enjoy the ever-growing game you love a little more. So, who are we all?

Some of the Into The End Zone team being interviewed by NFL UK
Some of the Into The End Zone team being interviewed by NFL UK (Left to right: Aaron, Ricky, Matt H & Neil)

Meet the Team

7 mates. 7 different teams. 1 passion.


Thomas (Tot)

A Miami Dolphins fan and has been since watching Ace Ventura Pet Detective (1994). He came up with the idea for Into The End Zone back in 2016 and got everyone onboard, without much persuasion.

In his spare time, he plays football (the round ball version), keeps the website up-to-date and spends way too much time on NFL Fantasy Football.

Tot is in charge of the main social media accounts so feel free to drop a message over there – @IntoTheEndZoneĀ 


Matt H (Hendry)

An Arizona Cardinals fan and has a man crush on Larry Fitzgerald – we’ll let him off. Hendry is the guy that writes about the International Series (check out his recaps from the past) and is also the one that finds the information UK fans will find interesting, like who’s on TV for the coming week.

He’s also the reigning ITEZ NFL Fantasy Football Champion!

Go over and follow him on Twitter too – @Matt_ITEZ


Ricky (Ginge)

A Green Bay Packers fan and chose his team because he loved the passion of the Packers fan base – he now contributes to their passion. Ginge is quickly becoming the gym junkie of the ITEZ group and spends most of his time posting sweaty selfies on Instagram of his latest Crossfit circuit.

We think he might be trying to get into shape for the next NFL draft! Follow him before he makes the NFL here – @Ricky_ITEZ


Aaron (pronounced Air-ron – just so you know really)

Aaron is a San Francisco 49ers fan and chose that team because he loved the place! With an ongoing love for Frank Gore, he has historically spent his time being terrible at Fantasy Football but is hoping this year, similarly to his 49ers, that the ‘transitional’ phase is quickly coming to an end.

He is going to be bring ITEZ readers some new content of his own for the new season which we’re (the ITEZ team) are looking forward to helping with each week, so stay tuned! He’s on Twitter too – @Aaron_ITEZ



Neil’s a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and started following them because he always chose them on Madden. Neil helps with the editing of the website and regularly writes his weekly game-by-game predictions and will continue to bring this to you throughout the season. This popular series gets a lot of people chatting and sharing their opinions and he’s love it if you dropped him a message over on Twitter too.

Follow him here – @Neil_ITEZ


Matt C (Carter)

A Los Angeles Chargers fan and started being one because he loved an Underdog. Carter is the resident tipster and regularly trawls the bookmakers to find the best bets and value each week throughout the season. When he suggests a bet, he’s definitely fully invested in it and feels the joy and pain of each tip with his regular followers.

Follow his regular tips and articles when he posts them over on Twitter – @Carter_ITEZ



A New York Giants fan and is prone to saying that this year is ‘their’ year … every year. Mike is a busy guy so doesn’t really have too much time to get involved with the site, but when he does his advice is usually outstanding (that’s not true, I just wanted to make him sound like he offered insight).

He’s not on Twitter – I did say he’s busy!


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