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We’re Into The End Zone, a group of NFL fans (each supporting a different team) who enjoy following the latest news from around the National Football League as well as giving our insights, picks and predictions for the coming season.

We help dig out analysis and odds from around the web to hopefully help you win some extra cash, so you can enjoy the ever-growing game you love a little more. So, who are we all?

Meet the Team

7 mates. 7 different teams. 1 passion.



A Miami Dolphins fan and has been since watching Ace Ventura Pet Detective (1994) and seeing Dan Marino and the Dolphins stadium. He’s been wearing Teal and Orange ever since.

Matt H

An Arizona Cardinals fan and has a man crush on Larry Fitzgerald – we’ll let him off. After visiting the stadium, that affirmed his love for the Bird Gang.


A New York Giants fan and is prone to saying that this year is ‘their’ year … every year.


A Green Bay Packers fan and chose his team because he loved the passion of the Packers fan base – he now contributes to their passion. He plays American Football too.


A San Francisco 49ers fan and chose that team because he loved the place! He’s hoping the ‘transitional times’ come to an end soon …


A Pittsburgh Steelers fan and started following them because he always chose them on Madden 10.

Matt C

A Los Angeles Chargers fan and started being one because he loved an Underdog. Has regretted that decision ever since!

Some of the Into The End Zone team being interviewed by NFL UK
Some of the Into The End Zone team being interviewed by NFL UK (Left to right: Aaron, Ricky, Matt H & Neil)

As the game continues to grow in the UK, our aim is to share and promote more NFL-related news and tips so we can play our part in the making this awesome sport even more popular. Stay tuned with our ever-expanding website and our regularly updated social media channels (use the hashtag #intotheendzone to get our attention) to keep up-to-date with what’s going on around the NFL.

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