The 2021 Super Bowl Moves To Tampa, But Where Are The Next 5 Super Bowls Being Held?

This week the NFL unanimously voted to move Super Bowl LV (2021) from Los Angeles’ new proposed stadium to Tampa, Florida. Due to record-breaking rainfall in southern California (where the new LA stadium will be built), the build of the stadium has been delayed by a year. The new home for the Los Angeles Rams […]

NFL Referee confirming a touchdown

NFL Schedule 2017: If Your Team Is In The AFC North, Find Out Who & When You’re Playing

The AFC North consists of the Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Baltimore Ravens has a fierce defense and could be among the best in the league if they live up to their potential. Their offense has some questions mark over it though. Cincinnati performed poorly last year and will want […]

At the line of scrimmage - NFL

NFL Schedule 2017: If Your Team Is In The AFC South, Find Out Who & When You’re Playing

The AFC South has some very talented rosters but tend to never live up to their expectations, especially over the last few seasons. The Tennessee Titans were one of last year’s surprise packages and they will be hoping to a kind schedule to help them achieve the heights of last season and possibly improve with […]