A Beginners Guide To The NFL

A Beginners Guide To The NFL – How To Become An American Football Fan

As part of our ‘Beginners Guide To The NFL’, we have teamed up with Dot Dot Loans to discuss what it takes to become an American Football fan. ‘America’s Game’ returns to the UK for the 10th year and we have been blessed with 4 games at Wembley and Twickenham stadiums again this year which […]

NFL Crowd at International Series

A Beginners Guide To The NFL – When Are NFL Games Played & Where Are They Shown On TV?

The 2017/18 season is finally upon us – real NFL football is back!  That opening sentence alone is probably worth its own feature, but as that’s not our style, we will continue to help you learn about the NFL with our NFL Beginners Guide. In this feature we look at what NFL games are being […]

Miami Dolphins - International Series

A Beginners Guide To The NFL – The Key Positions of NFL Players

As part of our NFL Beginners Guide series, we have continued to help those new to the game understand what’s actually going on! In this feature we will focus on those key positions within an NFL roster, as well as some made-up nicknames which we feel represent those positions quite well. Let’s begin with the […]

Wembley - International Series

A Beginners Guide To The NFL – A Basic Understanding Of Games, Point-Scoring & Divisions

The NFL season is finally back! Pre-season is in full swing and the regular season games are a mere two weeks away! With the 2017 draft now a distant memory we’re all about looking forward and here, at Into the End Zone, we wanted to do a little something for those people out there who […]