Hoston Texans vs Philadelphia Eagles

The State Of The Franchise 2018: Philadelphia Eagles

Your Superbowl Champions; the Philadelphia Eagles.  Very few would’ve tipped the Eagles to reach the Superbowl, let alone actually win it, but they did … and in some style too! This time around, we have UK Eagles fan Andy Jones (@andyjones550) helping us out with our ‘State of the Franchise’ series and we have a […]

Lights and Fireworks at Wembley

Pre-Season NFL Divisional Winner Predictions For Each Division

How quickly has this crept up on us? Or if you’re like me, it’s been dragging big time as I’ve been counting down the days until we kick it all off in Foxborough. This Thursday sees the Kansas City Chiefs go to New England to take on the Patriots, and although this starts at 1.30am […]

New York Giants vs LA Rams at Twickenham

Which Teams Are Going To Be Divisional Winners In The NFC In 2017?

The NFC. Full of heavyweights and every year it is easy to jump on the bandwagon that one of these teams will win the Super Bowl – namely Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys. I recently looked at the AFC and now it’s the NFC’s turn. I have made my (early) […]

Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium

Which Teams Are Going To Be Divisional Winners In The AFC In 2017?

I know I know, it’s early but it can’t be just me who’s excited for it all to start again? Sunday nights with my bets, DraftKings and fantasy league all going on! Crack open a bud (in true BBC-fashion, other beers are available!!) and watch the 7 hours of commercial free football … (man, I […]