Wall Of NFL Footballs

WEEK 16: There’s Still Money To Be Made In The NFL Regular Season

For those regular readers of my betting tips, you may have noticed I didn’t drop an article last week – sorry about that. I didn’t have time to look for selections due to my daughter being in the hospital, but she’s much better now and I’ve had a bit of time to look into some picks for week […]

What Happened When We Visited The IFBC in Costa Rica & What Did We Learn?

We will start by saying a huge thank you to the team at SBR who invited us along to IFBC in Costa Rica and to everyone that made us extremely welcome. We had quite a few issues with our flights being delayed and cancelled but we got there, and it was pretty awesome. It’s going […]

Betting Guide to American Football

A Beginners Betting Guide For NFL Fans Who Want To Make Some Money

The most popular sport when it comes to betting in the UK is football (soccer) but there are so many possible outcomes that it becomes extremely difficult to predict. Whilst there are a number of different things to bet on in American Football, the bets you can place are much more straight-forward – especially when […]