Oakland Raiders at Wembley

The Shocks, Steals & Happenings Of Our 2017/18 NFL Fantasy Draft

It’s that time of year again that feels like we wait a lifetime for…… NFL Fantasy Football is back!!! With my betting slips on one side and my fantasy app open on the other, I get myself settled in for the remainder of my Sunday evening. Fantasy football is great fun. If you’re a fan […]

Which UK-Born Players Have Made It To The NFL & What Team Do They Play For?

With the game ever-growing here in the UK, we are producing more talented American Football players than ever before. In fact, we have a whole crop of talent which have realised their dreams and now have a place on the rosters of NFL teams. There are some players who have already made a name for […]

Offensive Rookie of the Year 2017

Our 3 Best Bets For Offensive Rookie Of The Year

With the NFL Draft firmly behind us and some teams being extremely happy with the acquisitions they made, we have a look into which Rookies have the potential to pick up the accolade of Offensive Rookie of the Year for the 2017/18 season – and their odds*. Deshaun Watson With the No.12 overall pick, the […]