WEEK 16: NFL Game-By-Game Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 16 Picks So Christmas is here and it’s festive football time. For some this is merely for pride or to start setting up for next season but for others a loss this week could mean no football come January. A good week last week on the end meaning I will finish the regular season […]

Packed American Football Stadium

WEEK 16: Which Players Should You DROP This Week In NFL Fantasy Football?

For most, it’s Superbowl week in your NFL Fantasy Football league! Congratulations if you made it. Last week in Week 15, we featured entirely Wide Receivers in our DROP column and if you followed it, it probably paid dividends in your match up. Three of those picks we made had a bit of a stinker […]

Miami Dolphins vs New Orleans Saints at Wembley Stadium

WEEK 15: NFL Game-By-Game Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 15 Picks A tough week last week and it doesn’t get any easier this week. Still managed to finish positive last week which brings me to more than double on the winning picks. Got to try and keep it going this week with another set of tough matchups. For those of you that managed […]

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WEEK 15: Four Games, Four Over Totals Predictions This Week

Wow, what a week last week! A crazy snow game in Buffalo going to overtime, Jacksonville showing no signs of slowing down, the Patriots lose in Miami and Pittsburgh takes a thriller against the Ravens. There was so much more than this and I could spend ages writing about how exciting it was last week! […]

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WEEK 15: Which Players Should You DROP This Week In NFL Fantasy Football?

We continued our form in Week 14 when we told you to drop some big names from your lineup. Hopefully you listened and are sitting pretty smug with your next shot at making it to the NFL Fantasy Football Superbowl!! We aim to help you sieve through the rubbish and drop those players that could […]

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WEEK 14: NFL Game-By-Game Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 14 Picks Winter is here. So how many games are we going to see this year played in the snow? There is something about those games that really make football great. Not a bad shout last week with my games and now the run for the playoffs is hotting up, every matchup is make […]

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WEEK 14: The Stakes Are Higher! Our Weekly NFL Betting Tips

So 7 teams can clinch playoff berths and/or division titles this Sunday if they win or other results go their way, which basically means the regular season is heating up in its last 4 weeks. Like most seasons for some other teams it will come down to week 17 before their playoff fate is sealed, […]

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WEEK 14: Which Players Should You DROP This Week In NFL Fantasy Football?

Finding players to drop from your starting lineup is often difficult, especially when you have a roster of stars. That said, there have been some serious disappointments this year from a Fantasy perspective. Some of those early draft pick disappointments include: David Johnson – Injured Mike Evans – Ranked No.22 overall Odell Beckham – Injured […]

Arizona Cardinals vs LA Rams At Twickenham Stadium

WEEK 13: NFL Game-By-Game Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 13 Picks ONE WRONG LAST WEEK! Just missed a single result last week with the Chiefs losing to the Bills. Now puts me over double on my selection record and a tougher look of fixtures as we approach the playoffs. Happy December everybody!!! Below we move on to our week 13 predictions. Look out […]