New England Patriots - TB12

DIVISIONAL ROUND: NFL Breakdown & Score Predictions

Divisional Playoff Round 2 out of 2 last week! Just goes to show that when it comes to the playoffs it’s all about who shows up on the day! The Eagles managed to sneak past the Bears and looked dangerous, just like they did last season….. we all know how that turned out! I managed […]

Philip Rivers - Los Angeles Chargers

WILDCARD WEEKEND: NFL Breakdown & Score Predictions

Wilcard Weekend  So this is it… into the new year and now the serious work starts for the select teams that made it to the off-season. The Colts & Texans fins themselves locked into another divisional game but this time the loser is done for the season. Both teams will know each other through and […]

WEEK 16: NFL Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 16 Picks  Christmas is here, it’s finally here and yet I’m sad….. I know this marks close to the end of the regular season! Still….. we can be grateful for still having football to play and the playoffs are looming! Some teams have already made it through but we now get to find out […]

Wall Of NFL Footballs

WEEK 16: There’s Still Money To Be Made In The NFL Regular Season

For those regular readers of my betting tips, you may have noticed I didn’t drop an article last week – sorry about that. I didn’t have time to look for selections due to my daughter being in the hospital, but she’s much better now and I’ve had a bit of time to look into some picks for week […]

NFL Stadium

WEEK 15: NFL Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 15 Picks   Three Games to go!!! With three games to go, some of us have now accepted that our seasons are over. There is so much at stake now, there are teams clinging on and in the hunt, teams still trying to win the division, teams gunning for that first round bye. For the […]

WEEK 14: NFL Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 14 Picks  Well aren’t things really starting to get interesting now?!?! Some divisional matchups this week that will start to determine who will be in the driving seat come playoff football! Giants at Redskins with the G Men needing a win to stay alive at all! On the other side of things we have […]

WEEK 13: NFL Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 13 Picks  So things are really hotting up now as we move closer to the playoffs. December is finally here and we have some really key matchups coming up in the next few weeks! I find it really interesting this year that different people have different opinions on who’s going to win the super […]

Washington Redskins vs Houston Texans - Action Shot

WEEK 11: NFL Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 11 Picks  We carry on where we left off last week predicting 9 games correctly again! If it wasn’t for the Cowboys upsetting the current Super Bowl champs we would have hit the 10 win mark! Also how about the Browns notching a win against a vulnerable Falcons team? Still you would have thought […]

Week 11: Steelers, Chargers & Colts Are The Picks In This Week’s NFL Treble

Okay, so I don’t think many fancied the Browns to crush the Falcons or the Titans to destroy the Patriots not even their most devout fans, but that’s the NFL and these upsets happen from time to time! Unfortunately, last week there were a few and two of them were teams I tipped up. (Doh!) […]