Wembley Stadium - Panoramic

WEEK 14: The Stakes Are Higher! Our Weekly NFL Betting Tips

So 7 teams can clinch playoff berths and/or division titles this Sunday if they win or other results go their way, which basically means the regular season is heating up in its last 4 weeks. Like most seasons for some other teams it will come down to week 17 before their playoff fate is sealed, […]

Arizona Cardinals vs LA Rams At Twickenham Stadium

WEEK 13: NFL Game-By-Game Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 13 Picks ONE WRONG LAST WEEK! Just missed a single result last week with the Chiefs losing to the Bills. Now puts me over double on my selection record and a tougher look of fixtures as we approach the playoffs. Happy December everybody!!! Below we move on to our week 13 predictions. Look out […]

Wembley Stadium - Panoramic

WEEK 13: Over, Over And Over Again. Our Weekly NFL Betting Tips

I finished 4/6 last week, but if you were on the spread treble like I was, we were on a WINNER! It’s about time we had a clean sweep! Not an awful lot screams out at me that we can back with some sort of confidence this week but I’ve managed to muster up a […]

NFL Cheerleaders at Twickenham Stadium

NFL Thanksgiving Day Games On UK TV – When, Where & What Time?

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated by the United States, Canada, and some Caribbean islands and a big part of this traditional is American Football. For us, in the UK, it means that there is NFL coverage on all evening! In fact, we will highlight the games that are live on TV, where you […]

Miami Dolphins vs New Orleans Saints at Wembley Stadium

WEEK 11: NFL Game-By-Game Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 11 Picks  Does anyone else feel that these 11 weeks have gone by far too quickly?! I mean it seems only yesterday that everyone was doubting the Eagles (including me), Doubting the Patriots and their secondary, praising the Bills as he next team to emerge as AFC East contenders. Either way I’m not ready […]

Los Angeles Rams at Twickenham Stadium

WEEK 11: Three Teams To Beat Their Team Points Total

So, it’s Week 11 now and it’s safe to say I was raging late last Sunday! The first 2 teams get the business done, the Giants are then looking great by halftime with 13 points on the board, but a missed field goal in the 3rd quarter cost us a full house! *sigh* So I’m […]

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WEEK 10: NFL Game-By-Game Breakdown & Score Predictions

Week 10 Picks  Tough week to call last week! I think this week is the same but I’m hoping to keep our record better than double! So Zeke could now finally find himself suspended for atleast the next 4 games. How will this impact the Cowboys season as they aren’t exactly in the best of […]

Saints vs Dolphins at Wembley

WEEK 10: Over, Over And Over Again. Our Weekly NFL Betting Tips

Week 10 already, wow! Last week for the second time this season I hit a dud! It seems one of the two teams gets the business done and the other fails to show, which has been hampering the OVER selections of late! So, this week I’m going to try and find three teams with good […]